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Mechanical magic in 3D

Another one submitted by Jean-Marie this evening, he sent me an URL of Montres Passion, Mechanical Magic in 3 Dimensions. This is a great website for everyone who wants to learn a bit more about mechanical watches!

Things like waterresistancy, rotors of automatic watches, tourbillons, minute-repeaters, escapement, chronograph functionality, alarm clocks and more are explained through animations on their website. Animations were offered by Patek Philippe, Panerai, G-P, Eterna, Harry Winston, AP, FP Journe, Vulcain and Breguet.

Click here to go to the website

Mechanical magic in 3D


  1. Bas Reply

    weird screenshot, RJ. I thought you were using Firefox :-)

  2. Robert-Jan Broer Reply

    I am, but not on my desktop at home due to busyness. My laptop and workstation at work already have Firefox installed!

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