Every week, I write an article for my friends over at Motoring Exposure. This week, I submitted 5 tips that are useful for people who are exploring the pre-owned of vintage market for the first time. Although I think most Fratello readers are a bit more advanced collectors or aficionados, it doesn’t hurt to read them!

Click here for the article over at Motoring Exposure.

p.s. the picture above is of a caliber 501 Constellation from approx. 1955. It took me over a year to have this one restored, only to find out that it was too small for my wrist anyway and sold it again…. (everyone learns)

  • Oscar Diaz

    I really like vintage watches. I had the same situation with a 1970 Seamaster, 33mm, too small and it is on my safe…, by the way I paid more money on repairs than what I paid for the watch.

  • JIFF

    Thanks RJ…

    And now go on and enjoy your holiday!

  • Good article and certainly tips for the wise when it comes to shopping for a vintage watch onine
    – David

  • nice post mate, it would be a great help for watch enthusiasts 🙂 thank you for this