Christmas Gift Guide for the Watch Enthusiasts

Balazs Ferenczi
December 05, 2016
Christmas Gift Guide for the Watch Enthusiasts

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, but there is still time. If you have not made your mind up on what to ask for from your loved ones here are a few tips. Throughout the year we wrote about various accessories and goodies watch lovers like yourself might enjoy. We thought it would be wise if we took a look back and select a few. Items we enjoyed or we might love to see under the Christmas tree. So here is our Christmas Gift Guide, Fratello style.

Spin-R watch winder

About six months ago we published a review on the Spin-R Watch Winder. Bert put the device to the test and the result was just great. This is not the first watch winder we tested but it’s among the ones we found truly user-friendly. The winder has a built-in battery and according to the company it works over 20 days after fully charged. The Spin-R runs smooth and the noise is not really recognizable. A big plus for any watch winder. The coolest thing however is the way you can control the winder. Download Spin-R’s free app where you can set up the gadget. You can give for instance the brand of your watch for a pre-programed setting, manually stop and start Spin-R or control the internal Led light. Such a cool little gadget for €159.

Christmas Gift Guide


Our first edition of Watchccessories featured a great add-on to any smartphone; Ztylus. Imagine a phone case that not only protects your smartphone but works as a base on which you can attach a good few devices. The Revolver Kit is a small round lens holder with 4 different lenses. Attach it to your Ztylus case with one click the lens will snap in front of your phone’ camera to enrich it usability. You can also quickly detach the Revolver Kit and click in the Led Ring Light for those dark shots where you need some extra light. Change the intensity or the tone of your Led light with your finger while the lamp is in use. We use this a lot when on the road or having a GTG. Ideal for watch shots but works great while on holiday. We put it to the test.

Christmas Gift Guide

Chronographs for Collectors

I always get a book for Christmas. Or a tie. Or some socks. So while I agree with my family members that it is very important to have about 6-10 new pairs of socks every year, a book is something I find practical and useful at the same time. The internet is great for researching but sometimes it’s a slippery slope regarding information that are actually valuable and true. Chronographs for Collectors is a great resource for watch collectors as well as rookies of this game. The watches are featured in a chronological order with high-resolution photos and an easy-to-understand pictogram chart. You can find most of the well-known chronograph makers from Omega to Nivada, Angelus, Mido, Leonidas, Breitling and so on. If you want to build a watch book library Chronographs for Collectors is a must to have.

Christmas Gift Guide

Erika’s Originals

No gift guide would be complete without some cool straps, right? Since I deal with this topic a lot I could look back on all the straps we have reviewed this year and without a doubt the one that stirred the largest waves was the Erika’s Originals MN Straps. If you are not familiar with the design; Erika (based in Spain, originally from The Netherlands) came up with a strap very similar to the ones Marine Nationale divers used on their Tudors back in the days.  She, just like those divers, used elastic parachute braids to create a loop-like strap that can be applied to any watch. The MN straps are super comfortable, easy to put on and aside the fact that they look amazing, they are sturdy as a military strap should be. With a friendly price of €50 this is a deal you should really consider.

Christmas Gift Guide

Chronos Wearables

Our last on the Christmas Gift Guide list is the missing link between smart technology and your existing watch collection. This is the best way I can explain what Chronos is. A little disc that you can stick to the back of your watch to make it smart. The disc contains a sensor that measures the usual stuff; calories, steps, distance. Though it’s a bit more than that. You can use your watch as a remote control for your camera or you can silent your phone calls. Start, stop or skip tracks on your music player or trigger an alarm if you misplaced your phone. Chronos is a super useable device and something anyone needs who is struggling to wear a smart watch but misses some of the technology they offer. The price won’t break the bank at $99 and the excitement is guaranteed. Perfect for those Christmas selfies.

Christmas Gift Guide

We hope we could help you a bit with our Christmas Gift Guide selection. The items we highlighted are all cool stuff, we think they make a perfect gift to a watch guy let that be you or a loved one. They are priced fairly and won’t break the bank. Make sure you search for other accessories as this is a small glimpse into what we brought to you this year on Fratello Watches. Hope you find what you are looking for.


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