Every wednesday, there is the wednesday watch article from my hand over at MotoringExposure. This week’s topic is about exclusivity and production numbers, let me know what you think.

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  • Oscar Diaz

    You are right. The numbers are pointless. Exclusivity is a very relative term. To me, exclusivity in a watch means craftmanship, and craftmanship means a high price, so not everybody can afford it. Rolex is not exclusive, at least the “popular” datejust, date, etc., opossed to an old cosmograph, or a 1953 Explorer and so on. IWC has more “labor” involved, but I would not buy any of them ’cause of the size. I tried several times to get one but God…, they are big. Exclusive watches: A Patek Calatrava, for instance…, there is no question about it!