The World Time watch ranks among the most popular complications in Patek Philippe’s wristwatch collection. Some time zone designations have changed or were replaced with new ones. Accordingly, Patek Philippe presented the World Time watch Ref. 5230, which has replaced all previous models. For ladies, there is the World Time Ref. 7130G watch indicates all 24 time zones in a new white-gold version with a gray-blue hand-guilloched dial center.

The movie below, shows the passion that Patek Philippe and all of its employees put into the creation of their watches. No rules or boundaries are taken into consideration when developing new ideas. This is also applicable for the World Timer complications by Patek Philippe: the reference 5230 and the reference 7130G.



The change of certain time zone designations has been used as an opportunity to subtly rework the case, dial, and hand designs of the Patek Philippe 5230. The ongoing change has also had an impact on the world’s time zones: some zones are now defined by new place names, for instance Dubai instead of Riyadh and S.Georgia instead of Sao Paulo. Another change involves Moscow, which switched from UTC+4 to UTC+3.

For this reason, Patek Philippe updated the city scale of its new World Time watch Ref. 5230. At the same time, the case, dial, and hands were gently retouched, giving the time piece a new yet very familiar look.

As regards the Calatrava case in white or rose gold 5N, changes were applied among others to the winglet-style lugs and the narrow, smoothly polished bezel that attractively sets the watch apart from its predecessors. The formerly ring-shaped hour hand in gold is pierced and shows the contours of the famous “Southern Cross” constellation, while the minute hand is now lozenge-shaped. The new dial has a hand-guilloched center featuring a basket weave pattern.

How it works

The hands show the local time in the zone whose city name is positioned at 12 o’clock. Readings of the time in the other 23 time zones are provided by the 24-hour ring. When traveling into a different time zone, the pusher in the case at 10 o’clock is pressed as often as needed to display the respective city name at 12 o’clock. This also synchronizes the hour hand and the 24-hour ring. The steady progression of the minute hand is not affected by this adjustment.

Rose & White Gold

The new Patek Philippe World Time watch is available in two versions: as the Ref. 5230R in 18K rose gold and as the Ref. 5230G in 18K white gold. Both models have the same dial with a white city ring and a 24-hour ring with colored day/night segments. The only differences are the applied hour markers and the hands, which are made of the same 18K gold as the case. Both versions are worn on a hand-stitched alligator strap with large square scales and a Calatrava fold-over clasp. The straps are shiny black with an 18K white-gold clasp and shiny chocolate brown with an 18K rose-gold clasp.

Manufacture caliber 240 HU

The accuracy of the watch is assured by the ultra-thin, self-winding Patek Philippe manufacture caliber 240 HU. Because the off-center 22K gold rotor is totally integrated in the movement, it is remarkably svelte with a height of only 3.88 mm. This silhouette and the ingenious time-zone module make the Ref. 5230 an elegant and user-friendly World Time watch.


Specifications Reference 5230

Movement: Caliber 240 HU Self – winding mechanical movement, display of 24 time zones, day/night indication

  • Diameter: 27.50 mm
  • Height: 3.88 mm
  • Number of parts: 239
  • Number of jewels: 33
  • Power reserve: Min. 48 hours
  • Centrifugal mass: 22K gold minirotor, unidirectionally winding
  • Balance: Gyromax®
  • Frequency: 21,600 semi – oscillations per hour (3 Hz)
  • Balance spring: Spiromax®
  • Balance spring stud: Adjustable

Functions: Two – position crown:

– Pulled out: To set the time

– Pushed in: To wind the watch

Local time selector: Pusher at 10 o’clock

Synchronized adjustment of displays in one – hour steps for the hour hand and 1/24th c ounterclockwise increments for the city disk and the 24 – hour ring

 Displays: Local time in hours and minutes

City disk with 24 place names

24 – hour ring with day/night indication in colors and sun/moon symbols

 Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal


  • Case: 18K white or rose gold 5N
  • Sapphire – crystal case back
  • Water resistant to 30 meters (3 bar)
  • Case dimensions: Diameter: 38.50 mm
  • Length (across lugs): 46.91 mm
  • Width (9 to 3 o’clock incl. crown): 41.45 mm
  • Thickness (crystal to display back): 10 .23 mm
  • Width between lugs: 20 mm
Dial: 3 – zone dial:

• City disk printed black

• 24 – hour ring with day/night indication in color and sun/moon symbols (day: black numerals on silvery background; night: white numerals on black background)

• Center hand – guilloched with basket weave pattern

Hour hand with “Southern Cross” constellation motif, pierced, lapped flanks, in 18K white or rose gold 5N

Lozenge – shaped minute hand with lapped flanks, in 18K white or rose gold 5N

Applied baton hour mar kers in 18K white or rose gold 5N

Strap: Hand – stitched alligator with large square scales. Shiny black with Calatrava fold – over clasp in 18K white gold for the white – gold model Shiny chocolate brown with Calatrava fold – over clasp in 18K rose gold 5N for t he rose – gold model

More information via Patek Philippe on-line.