First a short introduction; besides my brick and mortar watch specialty shop in The Hague, Netherlands, (Horloge Platform Nederland), I run a few watch related web sites (f.i. and Through these web sites I receive quite some watch related email as well of course. Here’s an example found in in my email today…

“Ik heb een redelijk goed imitaite horloge van het merk Rolex, gekocht in Japan; dit is een automaat. Nu loopt het horloge niet meer en mijn vraag is of dan de automaat echt kapot is en of dit een dure reparatie zou kunnen zijn? Jeffrey Veenma” – Original Dutch text

“I own a quite good replica of a Rolex, bought in Japan; it’s an automatic. Now it doesn’t run anymore and my question is if the automatic construction really broke down, and if this could be an expensive repair? Jeffrey Veenma” – Translated in English

I really don’t know what to answer the guy. If someone has an idea, please file under [comments] and I will send it through to him.


  • How about this?

    “Dear Jeffrey,

    It seems to me that it would be best if you send it to Rolex in Geneva with a letter in which you write that you are really saving up for a real Rolex and that you hereby promise them to order a Submariner or whatever model. Maybe, in the meanwhile, they can take some time to repair your fake Rolex from Japan. And if it isn’t too much to ask, maybe they can put in an original Rolex box and booklet for you when they send it back to you.

    Best regards,