Marc Menant (product manager at Jaeger-LeCoultre) mailed me the latest JLC novelty 🙂 An iPhone application that enables JLC adepts or prospects to examine their line of watches more thoroughly, where ever you are.

After downloading the 50MB application, I was immediately stunned by it. The graphics are amazing, the included videos are very nice to look at and even better.. you can fiddle around with the watches in the catalogue. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso can actually be reversed by a simple movement on the touch screen, the chronograph functionality works when tapping the pushers properly etc.

Perhaps the nicest feature is the one that enables you to assemble a part of the watch movement. These watch courses have an introduction video, and afterwards, you can try to assemble the movement yourself. Impressive!

If you have an Apple iPhone, what are you waiting for? Look for ‘jaeger’ in the AppStore and after selecting the application, click ‘Free’ and ‘Download’.

  • Martin Issing

    Wow… that is awesome! Just DL’d it and trying it now!

    Kudos for a traditional brand finally realizing the potential of “new media”…

  • It rocks eh? 🙂 One of the first watch brands that at least put something decent together for iPhone..!

  • Martin Issing

    You just wait to see what we have in ready for you soon Jan… 🙂

  • My brown no.13 3-Timer? 🙂

  • Job

    Nice app, a bit slow though. they could have programmed it to be bit faster.
    it contains a dealer finder too.

    Nice 🙂

  • Really Nice !
    It could be great to publish the same application for Android phones !

  • Wow….I love JLC and can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • LJR

    Is this application available for Android? I cant find it…