Rotating bezel, flank protection, screw-down crown, waterproof to 20 bar: MeisterSinger’s Salthora Meta X is – not a diving watch. It could be one, no question; it would only need a constant second hand and rotary indices on the bezel as required by DIN 8306. But it doesn’t need to be used so specifically — the Meta X is an all-terrain watch.

SAMX902GR with a classical Milanaise strap

Power Principle

The model now being introduced in Basel shows the consistent development of the Salthora product line; these single-hand watches, however, differ fundamentally from other MeisterSinger timepieces. Instead of a single long hour hand, this watch has a minute hand — the hour is displayed in a circular digital window, and jumps ahead every 60 minutes.

The “jump hour” principle is nothing new. What’s spectacular is what MeisterSinger has done with it here. The Salthora’s display turns the hour jump into an event. It happens with lightning speed – too fast for the human eye – and precision, without shakes or tremors, but with a satisfying click. MeisterSinger had a module developed just for this feature. Over the course of each hour, a screw affixed to the center wheel builds up tension for the hour disc’s switchgear. This offers two advantages: first, energy is accumulated for the switchgear’s very fast movement, and second, energy is withdrawn from the spring barrel continually rather than abruptly, so that the movement’s precision is not disturbed.

The excitement surrounding this delicate mechanical finesse led to the Salthora special series, the transparent face of which offered a deep view into the movement, and above all to the Salthora Meta, which, with its striking case and expressive typography, incorporates the dynamic character of the technology into the aesthetics of the watch itself.


Optimal Protection

The Meta X is now taking things one step further: it is the hardiest MeisterSinger, suited for all environments. The screw-down crown on the strong 43-millimeter case is protected against impact by massive flank protection. The steel case, also screw-down, allows the watch to withstand water pressure to depths of 200 meters. The wearer will probably never take it quite that far down, but with waterproofing to 20 bar the watch can be worn when bathing, showering, swimming, platform diving … or for staying on land, where heavy rains or beach sand won’t present a problem. The zirconium ceramic rotating bezel is also extremely tough, and can be used to measure anything that interests the owner of a Meta X: speaking time, cooking time, time in the water, time in the sun.

A Watch for People on the Move

The SuperLuminova markings on the hands and indicators charge very quickly in the sun. Because it has a long and powerful afterglow, the watch is also appropriate for all activities that take place in the dark, both underwater and on dry land.

Naturally, every detail of the new model has been designed with the meticulous care given to every MeisterSinger watch. For Manfred Brassler, founder of the company, coherence is an aesthetic principle; therefore, the typography, the color palette for the dials and bands, and seemingly minor details such as the surface treatment of the bezel were all precisely coordinated for the Salthora Meta X.

The Meta X is more than just a robust and precise timepiece. With it a wearer will acquire that typical MeisterSinger attitude towards perceiving and organizing time: absolute confidence. After all, MeisterSinger has always built watches for people who don’t count the minutes, especially when they are doing what they love.

For more information about the single-hand watches of MeisterSinger please follow this link.

Suits the SAMX908 very well – the vintage leather strap in cognac

Standard strap of all three versions is a calf leather strap with rubber coating