Exciting news! We are, once more, looking to expand our team. We are busier than ever, and the work we’re doing behind the scenes has never been more exciting. If you’d like to be part of it, read on…

About Fratello and the Senior Marketing Manager role

Robert-Jan Broer with Omega Speedmaster STII RJ WS.003

Fratello is one of the most-read, fastest-growing online luxury watch magazines in the world. Join our team of watch enthusiasts, focused on creating original and opinionated content. We produce videos, podcasts, social media content, and — of course — articles for our magazine. Our headquarters are in The Hague, The Netherlands. However, most of our editorial staff lives all over Europe. Our team stays in close contact using virtual solutions but also meets up in person several times a year. You will be on top of the luxury watch industry, with unique insights and access to the finest watches and watch brands in the world.

We continue to grow quickly and are looking for a Senior Marketing Manager for our HQ in The Hague who helps us maintain and even improve our already solid, double-digit year-over-year growth: on our website, our YouTube channel, and other social media sites.

If you are convinced you can help us grow by creating and implementing growth strategies — from analysis to ideation to hands-on execution — we would love to work with you and help provide you with the resources needed to get the job done.


  • Identify potential for growth and generate strategic concepts and initiatives to achieve our goals while staying true to Fratello’s mission, vision, and brand positioning
  • Oversee SEO: Manage external parties to continuously adapt and improve both our SEO strategy and implementation. Solid SEO understanding is a definite plus.
  • Work independently on managing marketing campaigns across various marketing channels, including email marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Create relevant content and, when necessary, manage external parties by serving as the relationship and project manager.
  • Lead the implementation of our brand strategy.
  • Monitor and report on KPIs to measure the impact of your activities.


You are a great fit if:

  • You thrive when given freedom. You have a senior mindest and are creative with a focus on execution: You can analyse our situation, connect it with you previous experience and knowledge and then devise a fitting strategy that you can move forward with and implement.
  • You have 3-5 years of experience working in digital marketing and are familiar with a wide spectrum of marketing challenges.
  • You have experience working for a fast-growing tech company and have built and/or implemented marketing strategies from the ground up. Ideally in a startup environment.
  • You’re an all-rounder who takes a hands-on approach and enjoys unpacking problems and making progress – from Google Analytics reporting to setting up and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns.
  • You like to let your creativity run wild, but also know when it’s time to get to work.
  • You have a good feel for text and images and enjoy writing your own content.
  • While a degree in business administration, media studies, marketing, or a comparable field is appreciated, it doesn’t disqualify you if you don’t: If you can show us a proven track record of success, you’re good. We don’t care about credentials; we care about you.
  • Optional: You have a passion for luxury watches or have previously worked in the luxury watch industry (for brands, retailers, or other e-commerce sellers).
Fratello HQ in The Hague: Caballero Fabriek

Fratello HQ in The Hague: Caballero Fabriek

What to expect at Fratello

Fratello started in 2004 as a hobby project for our founder, Robert-Jan Broer, to share his passion for watches with the world. That spirit is still at the core of Fratello: We may have grown rapidly and are now one of the most read titles in the world of luxury watches, but we kept our identity as a group of friends and co-workers who share their passion for watches.

Our HQ in The Hague is located in a modern startup hub: the Caballero Fabriek. Surrounded by both established and up and coming companies, it is the perfect spot for us to continue to grow, learn, and collaborate.Our vision is to unite watch lovers under a brand which is home to an engaging community. It is operated by people who are authentic, an authority in their field and care deeply about their audience. All while not taking ourselves too seriously. Sounds good? Join us on this journey! Send an email with your CV to [email protected] — we can’t wait to hear from you.