To be honest, Fratellowatches rarely takes the time to explain mechanical watches in a way that even newbies understand why they are so expensive. We discuss timepieces of watch manufacturers like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex watches like it is our primary necessity of life. It is sheer luxury of course.

Over at they understood the need for a crash course in (mechanical) watches and did a very cool explanation about high-end timepieces and what justifies their prices (and collecting them). We are honored to get mentioned in the article, together with our colleagues of Hodinkee and aBlogtoRead.

Patek Philippe

So, if you are new to watches and want to learn more about the technology used, the most sought-after brands and the watch collecting culture, make sure to read this article over at They have lots of cool other topics as well! A big thanks to Wesley Fenlon for the mention.