You might know or have heard about Time 4A Pint podcasts, operated by Chris Mann from the United Kingdom. A super cool guy and watch collector (although most are super cool) that started doing Podcast interviews with other collectors.

In the past, he already did an interview with Michael Stockton to discuss some vintage watches and shared his experiences how we (watch editors and journalists) have to deal with brands. Also Balazs Ferenczi (Blaise) was interviewed by Chris Mann for his Time 4A Pint podcasts, also talking about vintage watches.

A while ago, when I was on London, I sat down with Chris Mann in the bar of my hotel. Late. Very late. Although I never like to hear myself talking, I think this conversation turned out rather well. Chris is an excellent talkshow host you could say.

We discussed a couple of things, things I am being asked many times, like how I started with Fratello Watches in 2004 and how long I’ve been into watches. Why & when I stopped my normal job and got full time into watches.

As for the watches, I had a Seiko Marinemaster 300 with me, as well as as Speedmaster, a Royal Oak and a Seamaster Chronograph. So we discuss those as well. As well as where my (honest) love for the Omega brand comes from.

If you have a good 70 minutes to spare on doing nothing, click above or go to Time 4A Point, podcast #22.

The podcasts with Michael Stockton can be found here, the one with Balazs Ferenczi can be is here.