German watch magazines are considered to be the best by many collectors, especially those who are able to read and understand the German language 🙂 One of them, Uhren Magzine, has an annual contest for the best watch in a certain price category. Readers of the magazine can vote for a certain watch that is on the list of the Goldene Unruh. If you are not familiar with Germans, you should know that they are quite proud on their homeland and the stuff they come up with (cars, pens, watches, food, beer etc).

You won’t see a German guy driving a French car for example (and vica versa in this case). 😉 For watches, they seem to make a few exceptions, but the golden rule is to vote German. Most Goldene Unruh winners of previous years were those of Lange & S?ɬ?hne, Glash?ɬºtte Original, Nomos, Sinn, Chronoswiss… you can probably finalize this list 🙂 However, this year, on the 26th of February 2009, the winner of the Goldene Unruh (2009) is the Jaeger-LeCoulte Memovox Tribute to Polaris. In the category up to 25.000 euro, this watch got most votes. Over 13000 people participated in this contest by Uhren Magazine, and most of them probably reside in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. I hope there is a small amount from the Netherlands, as a lot of people here are able to read and understand German as well.

The JLC Memovox Tribute to Polaris is a limited edtion (768 pieces in stainless steel) and tribute to the original Memovox Polaris. This watch is equipped with the famous Memovox alarm functionality (suspended gong) which can be operated with the extra crowns. The inhouse JLC caliber 956 has a power reserve of 45 hours and consists of 268 parts! The 1000 hour control have been applied to this JLC Memovox and the watch is waterresistant to 200 metres.

Thanks to Marc Menant @ Jaeger-LeCoultre for notifying me about this achievement!

  • Dimitris

    The Polaris tribute is one of my “grail” watches, it deserved this award. Absolutely stunning, wish I could afford it…

  • @Dimitris: Thanks for your comment. It is truly stunning! On the large picture, the dial of the watch has a bit of a brownish look. This could either by my eyes or my computer, but it looks great!

  • Hmmm, I wonder if the judges know about the dial issues? The first dial was a misprint, offering the owners a replacement dial. The next one is only luminous on three hour markers, as JLC now claim they cannot make the rest luminous? A luxury watch that deserves a prestigious award? Nope, not in my book. Too much money to pay for a ‘slobby’ watch (yes, I had the Paris Boutique Polaris 1965 but sold it very fast as I was very dissapointed with the finish and overall feel). I know I will probably be bashed for saying this, so be it. At least it?Ǭ¥s the truth.

  • @Kristian: Thanks for your honest and useful comments. I never owned a JLC, so I cannot speak/write from my own experience with this brand or watch. A watch that goes for this price should be indeed free from any mistakes/flaws.

    Offering a replacement dial is the least that JLC could have done (and they did), but at least it should be good!


  • Haagen, how can you say that you resell your Polaris because you were disapointed by the finish? I am looking to buy this re-edition and the few offers I got were with indescent prices, much more expensive than the boutique price.

    For the Polaris 1965, it is a compromise between aesthetic and technical function to get a closer look with the original Polaris on the Daylight, or in the night, without using tritium which is prohibited for years now.

  • @Doctor Yoz. FYI, I sold it right away for the same price I paid for it. Idiot me, if you say they are being sold with a high premium. And as far as the aesthetics, both the 65 and 68 has the same ardillon buckle as my Casio G-Shock. PRECISELY the same! I am not kidding. At least JLC could have offered the tropic strap as alternative strap and sold it with a decent, contemporary style strap with deployment buckle. If they cannot get the dial right, why bother make the strap as cheap as the original? Sorry, just don’t know what precisely JLC was thinking.

    As I mentioned earlier I do expect bashing from my remarks.

  • Patrick J-P

    Kristian, I am a bit dissapointed that the indexes are not luminescent on my JLC Tribute to Polaris 68 since it has the 2nd “correct” dial which to me is not as nice as the 1st one. The strap and buckle do not bear the JLC brand name which I found strange but apparently this is consistent with the tropic straps and buckles issued with the originals in 1968.

    BUT this watch remains an absolutely handsome piece and this fact seems very much widely accepted and certainly the reason why it won several prizes and a lot of praise within watches forums. JLC has kindly accepted to replace the strap which material was overly dry and cracked.

    Now, if this watch did not meet your expectations I think that you have done well to sell it back certainly to someone who will appreciate it for what it is: a beautiful singing watch. You may then find yourself something more suitable to you to do with your money so all is finally great isnt it ?

    And I like the fact that there were two dials since it makes it even more collectible…