Watch out for these artists! At you’ll find a web site which looks and feels quite professional and which has prices for high-grade wrist watches which you can’t believe.

Indeed you can’t believe it, because these people are just trying to take your money without suplying a watch to you. At least not a real watch; they might send fakes, I’m not sure of that.

At first I tried to call them at the phone numbers indicated at the web site. Both numbers (one in Gibraltar and one in the US) only answer as a fax machine. No answering machine, no person, just beeps.

Then there’s an address mentioned on the web site as well, where you could mail-address questions to. This address, Rue des Billodes 34 in Le Locle, is the address of Zenith International. Of course they don’t know nothing about the whole web site or company.

At last I signed up at their web site and today I received the confirmation email. It was signed by Franz von Daniken, the Swiss State Secretary of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. I must admit they try to screw you the funny way.

By the way “Broodje Aap” is Dutch for Sandwich with Monkey meat, and is a general description for a fake story.



  • There really a jerk and bunch of crabs steelling money fr innocent ppl. I got ribbed off by them (they known as last time). When i found out this Luxury_wristwatches were Fraud (they exactly look the same as moonlight), i put warning message around WatchNet, i save some ppl fr this crabs but got some others got ribbed off by them at last. Now this crabs website shut off. Well, i found another website, Mr.Gerard Nijenbrinks could u plis pay a visit there, c wats the different between them are luxury-wristwatches. look carefully u will find something interesting there. well,that all i could do to warn others. Keep me posted ok!

  • Johann Weinhaendler

    Hello ,

    I ordered over on Tag Heuer watch for 1027.-€ and I never received anything , I eaven got my money back , no answer on mails . The contact was also :
    Mr. Franz Von Daniken []