Last year, February 20, 2017, I started my project wearing a different watch every week. Reporting about it in our feature named 52Mondayz. We’re exactly one year further now, and I would like to look back on all 52 watches I’ve worn.

A Year on the Wrist

Probably because I was able to choose the watches myself, there wasn’t one single watch I didn’t enjoy wearing. Some more than others of course. It wasn’t always easy to change to the next watch though. Sometimes I had such a good ‘click’ with a watch that I didn’t want to let it go 🙂

And I want to mention that three times (during week # 18, 35 and 40), due to holidays and travels, I wasn’t able to report on 52Mondayz. I would like to thank Robert-Jan here, being my substitute in those weeks.

Not my watches, but my opinion

Please note that certainly, not all watches which we reported about in 52Mondayz are my personal property. As mentioned a few times in the articles as well, as a watch journalist you’re privileged being able to wear many watches which are made available to us for review purposes.

However, everything written in the 52Mondayz installments purely reflects my personal opinion. I wasn’t paid by the owners of the watches to write the installments, nor did I accept any of the watches as a gift in return for the articles.

A year on the wrist – 52Mondayz! Please find an image grid of all 52 watches below. A clickable list of all articles can be found here.