I will probably do a more in-depth essay on this for Fratellowatches in the future, but I just want to share the following about collector’s phases. One certain aspect to be a bit more specific, watches with the famous 5 characters on the dial, “Rolex” that is. I have found out that the brand gets an evil form of resistance by starting collectors or watchlovers who aren’t interested in the subject for too long. I have been there myself, buying Omega watches and other brands and spitting on Rolex for its image, pricing and lame bracelets and folding clasps. I really think it is a phase, first neglecting Rolex because you can get so much nicer pieces for that kind of money, even more, you can get probably 3 nice pieces for the price of one ‘simple’ Rolex. After a while (and it helps when the incoming money has raised a bit too, at least in my case :-)) you at least start glancing at the Rolex Submariner or the vintage Rolex GMT-Master your friend or watchdealer has in stock. Anyway, you still come home with another new Omega or brand you can justify to yourself. But it isn’t until much later when you ask around how much money you’ll have to add when you trade your fine Omega for a Rolex Submariner or Explorer II….

In several watchfora, I see people who had ‘problems’ with buying a Rolex posting a message that have finally made the decision and bought that vintage GMT-Master (‘vintage’ also justifies a lot) or vintage Rolex Submariner ref. 5513. Now it is only a matter of time before the next Rollie arrives.

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Welcome, you have entered a new phase in watchcollecting. Rolex. It probably appears several times in the collectingcurve (both negative and positive) but it is hard to deny that at least this brand has some ‘magic’ that appeals to you..

How about you? Have you seen Rolex in your collectingphase(s)?

Robert-Jan Broer
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Robert-Jan Broer

Founder & Editor at Fratello Watches
Robert-Jan Broer, born in 1977, watch collector and author on watches for over a decade. Founder of Fratello Watches in 2004.
Robert-Jan Broer
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  • Hein T.

    RJ, you’re completely right. I don’t have a Rolex in my permanent collection, but I’m sure once there will be a Rolex in it. I’m not sure which Rolex it will be, a newer-type TOG, Green SUB, GMT-II, Datejust or some kind of vintage modell.
    When I started collecting watches, I was very reluctant to Rolex. Nowadays I’m intriged by the Brand and their Watches!

  • Rob

    “Been there, done that”. Or should I say “bought some, sold that and will probably buy one again” 🙂

  • Nivelacuso

    I’m afraid that I am in the middle of the described Rolex-acceptance phase. Still in doubt, but someday I know I can’t resist any longer and will buy a datejust (to start with).