Juan Pablo Montoya 

“I’ve always been passionate about the Rolex Daytona, I won the Rolex 24 three times, and it’s a watch that really relates to all of my racing. So I was amazed when the idea came along to do a skeleton Daytona.
Artisans de Genève embodies what I wanted in somebody who would build a watch for me. They are that somebody that was happy to go with no limits to how a watch should be built.

The more you look at it, the more you like it. »

Juan Pablo MontoyaFor more information, visit www.artisansdegeneve.com/en/collections/la-montoya/

Juan Pablo Montoya was taught the art of motorsports at an early age by his father. He quickly began to show promise, and has since then carved an incredible career for himself,  winning the most prestigious races. He is the only driver to win so many different races; a CART Series title, the Indianapolis 500, the 24 Hours of Daytona and the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Timepiece 

Artisans de Genève and Juan Pablo Montoya introduce « La Montoya », an audacious and sporty reinterpretation of the Rolex Daytona model. An edition limited to 50 pieces.« La Montoya » is undoubtedly the meeting of all superlatives. It brought to life this unthinkable challenge : to revisit one of the most iconic timepieces of this decade, by creating, for the first time, a skeleton version of the Rolex Daytona timepiece, Juan Pablo’s favorite one, synonymous with his most vibrant successes.

Two years of development were necessary to succeed in embodying with elegance the 4130 Rolex Caliber of « La Montoya ». This caliber of exception is dismounted piece by piece, cut, angled, and finished by hand in the Vallée de Joux. It takes hundreds of hours to achieve this true work of art, which highlights the greatness and beauty of the unique Swiss know how.« La Montoya » could never have been such an incredible timepiece without Philippe Narbel’s talent and experience. As a true angling genius, he precisely signs each piece he touches. None of “his” movements are alike. He perfects an already exceptional movement in the smallest details, giving it a unique touch, making each of them one of a kind.

For more information, visit www.artisansdegeneve.com/en/collections/la-montoya/


The bezel from the original model was replaced by a tachymeter bezel machined in a forged carbon block. It was conceived and produced by Artisans de Genève.The dial resonates with the automotive world. It has been skeletoned and angled by hand. Each hand is individually polished by hand. The red arrow chrono hand is sandblasted. The counter hands were replaced with special shaped ones.

Just as their hands, the counters are individually painted by hand and wear the colors of Juan Pablo Montoya’s beloved Colombia.“La Montoya” wears Artisans de Genève’s signature: a solid gold rotor. Manufactured entirely in 22 carat grey gold, and completely openwork, it enhances the beauty of the angled movement. It was polished with a circular finishing and blends into the movement’s perfection. This timepiece wears another signature, the transparent sapphire back, individually engraved, numbered and polished by hand.

Artisans de Genève has paid close attention to the polishing, which is entirely handmade. Mix of brushing and sandblasting, it gives “La Montoya” a contemporary and timeless look, highlighting all the splendor of the skeletonized caliber. The lugs are brushed, and the back of the case is sandblasted, as a final signature from Artisans de Genève.


Base: Rolex 116520

Diameter: 40mm

Dial: Handmade skeleton angled dial, Juan Pablo Montoya marked

Bezel: Tachymeter carbon forged bezel

Case: Original Rolex Stainless Steel

Movement: Modified skeleton Rolex 4130 movement, angled by hand, with 22ct grey gold rotor

Materials: Stainless Steel

Water resistance: 100m waterproof

Polishing: Handmade Polishing

Back: Transparent Sapphire back individually engraved

For more information, visit www.artisansdegeneve.com/en/collections/la-montoya/