As promised.

Gerard Nijenbrinks
April 02, 2005
As promised.

I just had my interview with Pierre Dubois, owner of Pierre DeRoche watches. A very interesting story of an interesting man and ditto watch brand (I will write a full article later). Although watch brand is a bit much to say; at the moment there are two models forseen, from which one – the rectangular Splitrock – will be available in June this year in two dial variations. The second model – the round Grandcliff (no pictures yet) – will most probably be available just before the end of the year in two dial variations as well.


I’m sorry for the big picture, but the watch is just BIG. I’ve tried it on and it wears, despite of it’s size, very comfortable because of the non-fixed and bending-over-your-wrist lugs.

As promised here is the price information. The Splitrock Concentric Chronograph will cost € 7.350,= (incl VAT) in stainless steel, and there will be a rose gold version available at € 19.680,=. The Grandcliff (which has a 60 minute chronograph register at 9 in stead of the normal 30 minutes, and a retrograde 12 hour totalisator) will cost € 6.300,= (incl VAT) in steel and € 18.620,= in gold.

I personally can’t wait get to get one 😉


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