Whenever Breguet adds new watches to its Marine collection, I’m all ears. Within the collection, the Marine 5517, 5527, and 5547 are the three timepieces that form the collection’s backbone. In 2020, Breguet introduced these three models with white gold and rose gold bracelets. Up until that point, the titanium models were the only models available on a bracelet. For 2021 Breguet focuses on introducing new dial variations to its Marine line-up. Here we have three titanium models that will be available with a sunburst blue dial — a clever addition that will broaden the appeal of the Marine collection.

I am the first to admit that I’m biased when it comes to the Breguet Marine collection. But not without reason. Last summer, we had the pleasure of having a selection of the Marine models in the Fratello offices that were added to the collection in 2020. The rose gold and white gold pieces impressed everyone from the Fratello team that experienced them from up close. I had the pleasure of going hands-on with the rose gold version of the Marine Alarme Musicale 5547. I still sometimes think back to the impact that watch had on me, and I listed it as one of my favorite releases of 2020. Still to this day, I think the quality of the bracelet of that watch is unmatched in the industry.

A clever introduction

The first models in the Marine collection that featured this outstanding bracelet were actually the three titanium models. Back in 2018, Breguet released the Marine 5517, 5527, and 5547. It was the first time the brand used titanium for one of its collections. Titanium has a strong resistance to salty air and corrosion, and it is light and robust. All the characteristics perfectly fit the Marine collection as the brand’s line of luxury sports models. Breguet introduced the three models with a sunburst slate grey dial in gold. Up until now, that was the only dial color for the titanium watches. For 2021 Breguet decided to introduce the three titanium models with a sunburst blue dial in gold. Additionally, the brand also introduces the rose gold models with slate gray dials for 2021 that we will discuss in a separate article.

The new models are a clever move because the combination of steel and blue — or titanium and blue — is popular amongst watch enthusiasts. The most popular models from competitors in the luxury sports watch segment like the Nautilus and the Royal Oak are the models with a blue dial. And for another future icon like the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo, people were also waiting for it to be released in steel with a blue dial. So adding these new models makes sense. On top of that, it’s not really a new color within the collection. Balazs reviewed the Marine 5517 in white gold with a blue dial last year. It gave a good impression of the potential power of the titanium and blue color combination.

The Breguet Marine collection

Before we dive into the details, let’s remind ourselves of what the Marine collection is all about. The collection gets its name from an unusual title held by Abraham-Louis Breguet. In 1815, he was appointed Horloger de la Marine Royale. Breguet started creating new marine chronometers for the French Royal Navy almost immediately. In good Breguet tradition, he always introduced new and improved versions. The current Marine collection is inspired by the classic looks and technical brilliance of those marine chronometers. As such, the Marine collection is the brand’s line of nautical-inspired sports watches.

The Breguet Marine models

The core of the Marine collection of formed by three different models. The Marine 5517 is the 40mm clean and simple three-hander that features a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The Marine Chronographe 5527 is the 42.3mm chronograph characterized by its asymmetric sub-dials and has a date window between 4 and 5 o’clock. The last is the 40mm Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 that features an alarm complication. It also displays the date and a second timezone. And, as with the chronograph, the sub-dials on the 5547 also differ in size, giving it a slightly more dynamic appearance.

Breguet distinguishes dial design between the titanium models and the models in rose gold and white gold. The brand uses a gold dial for the rose gold and white gold models, engine-turned by hand with an original wave design. For the titanium models, Breguet uses a simpler sunburst dial that does not have a wave pattern. It gives the watch a slightly more modern look and still has quite a visual impact. For these new models, the blue sunburst dial looks really nice. It’s the perfect canvas for the hour-chapter with Roman numerals and luminescent dots to shine. Additionally, the simpler design benefits the readability of the Marine 5527 and 5547 sub-dials.

In-house developed movements

Inside the round-shaped cases with the typical Breguet fluted case sides, you will find in-house developed and produced self-winding movements. The Marine 5517 uses the caliber 777A that ticks at 28,800vph and has a power reserve of 55 hours. The Marine Chronographe 5227 uses the caliber 582QA chronograph movement that ticks at 28,800vph and has a power reserve of 48 hours. Lastly, the Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 uses the caliber 519F/1. The movement also ticks at 28,800vph and has a 45-hour power reserve. Out of three, it is the most complicated with an alarm, time, and alarm power reserve indicators, an on/off indicator for the alarm, and a second timezone display.

The movements of all three watches are visible through the sapphire case back and are a joy to behold. Breguet has made sure to incorporate the Marine look and feel to the movement as well. Every part of the movement is hand-finished and displays the incredible Breguet craftsmanship. A côtes de Genève pattern on the bridges resembles a ship’s deck, and the rotor is made to look like a ship’s wheel.

Final Thoughts

All three models will be available on a titanium bracelet, blue rubber strap, or blue leather strap. The prices for the Marine 5517 are €19,500 on a bracelet, and the versions on a rubber strap and leather strap both retail for €17,000. The prices for the Marine Chronographe 5527 are €23,700 on a titanium bracelet, and the versions on a rubber strap and leather strap will be available for €21,100. Finally, the Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 on a titanium bracelet will retail for €30,600, and the versions with a leather strap and rubber strap will retail at €28,100.

I have to say I love these new additions to the line-up. They look a lot more vibrant than the titanium models with the slate grey dials. Those have a more classy subdued presence. These new models feel more lively. It’s why I can’t wait to find out how they look in real life. Overall these additions will appeal to a broader audience as this color combination is very popular. That’s why I have to compliment Breguet for its new introductions. Overall I love seeing the simplicity of the Marine 5517 dial. It really lets the Roman numerals shine, and that date window is a great eye-catcher. I’m not a particular fan of date windows as they add functionality rather than aesthetics. But on the Marine 5517, it becomes the star of the show. It’s my preferred pick…on the titanium bracelet, of course.