Andrew Babanin wrote a great essay on the Rolex caliber 3135 at TimeZone. He starts his review with the following short, simple but yet so caracteristic introduction,

” Rolex is a manufacture with old traditions and one hundred years of history. Rolex is always considered a luxury watch, giving assurance to its owner.

I would like to review a quite common model Rolex Submariner (Ref. 16610). The case and the bracelet are made of stainless steel. It is a COSC certified automatic chronometer with central seconds and date indicator. There’s a special Triplock screwed down crown with increased water protection. “

And what follows is everything beyond short and simple.. a superb review on the caliber 3135 movement in understandable text with some fabulous explanatory photos. I wonder if this review will become as well-known as the one done by Walt Odets.

Click here for the essay by Andrew Babanin

Photo taken by Andrew Babanin. The caliber 3135 movement with the rotor removed for better view 🙂

I guess I’ll be wearing my 3135 watch (Sea-Dweller) tomorrow!

  • Agreed, great review w/ great pics. I will have a Sub or SD someday. 🙂


  • Ivan

    Why everybody wants a Rolex despite of its relation price/quality (overpriced and poor quality)?

  • Robert-Jan Broer


    To have that 80s status symbol ofcourse!!! 🙂 Just kidding. To each his own, but it is quite easy to rant that the quality is poor. What are your arguments for that?

  • Owner of Rolexes

    I love “Ivan Says” now may I add… Hilarious! Hilarious, because he probably never owned a Rolex, and if he did he obviously was lolo enough to buy a fake in his quest for status! Bra HAHA!

  • Ron

    The 3135 is one of the best movements made. WatchTime said it may be the best auto movement on the market. Ivan doesn’t know much about Rolex, obviously. Saying Rolex’s quality is poor is like saying that Toyotas are exciting and, after the massive global recall of 2010, that they are reliable cars.

  • Jossoncarrez

    No me gusta el sistema del rotor de Rolex, pues considero que el que va montado en juego de bolas es superior a ese, que se ha quedado anticuado.