Love watches? So do we. If you’ve ever dreamed of working with luxury timepieces on a daily basis, read on. Chrono24, the world’s leading online marketplace for luxury watches, is hiring!

Every day, Chrono24 brings together more than 500,000 watch lovers from all over the world. The site offers around 475,000 watches for sale from over 3,000 dealers and numerous collectors worldwide. A new era in buying watches has begun. Chrono24 is not only part of the change, but it is also leading the line.

What can you expect?

As Head of VIP-Service, you will have the opportunity to assemble your own team, which will support their top customers in buying and selling high-priced luxury watches. Together with your team, you will offer these special customers an exclusive experience by providing them with individual support through a variety of communication channels when trading watches and building up their collections.

You should expect to work with a multi-lingual team that possesses a deep affinity for luxury products and services. Providing an enjoyable and memorable luxury experience for all customers is paramount. This includes supporting customers over the phone, by email, messenger services, and even in person.

Your colleagues will support you with their know-how in many areas such as HR, IT, or marketing, giving you access to well-running processes. At the same time, you also have the freedom to create something new and bring in your own ideas.

Chrono24 intends for its attractive Frankfurt offices to become the hub of their VIP service. However, if you see the potential for suitable personnel at another location, alternatives are either Düsseldorf or Munich.

Tim Stracke, co-CEO of Chrono24

What makes you stand out?

Taking on such an important and newly created role requires a certain level of experience and personal attributes. Here’s what Chrono24 is looking for:

  • You have already gained experience in building and leading teams
  • You are familiar with the needs of customers with an affinity for luxury and have a relaxed way of dealing with them
  • Ideally, you have already worked with similar clients in other luxury segments, e.g. in private banking or in the 5-star hotel industry
  • Your work is service- and customer-orientated
  • You find it easy to connect with people, both in-person and over the phone
  • In addition to your empathy, you are also good with numbers, so that you can regularly check the success and development of your team on the basis of data
  • You enjoy defining new processes and refining infrastructure
  • You are a strong communicator and have a good command of written and spoken German and English
  • Ideally, you are interested in mechanical watches and have already bought watches yourself
  • Advanced knowledge of (old) watches would be a welcome bonus

Ace x NOMOS Zuerich Weltzeit Amsterdam-1 Chrono24

What they offer

Chrono24 (link to Podcast with Chrono24 co-CEO Tim Stracke) is pleased to offer the right candidate the chance to make luxury watchmaking the focus of their career. The successful candidate should expect a permanent contract with the security of an economically well-positioned and constantly growing company behind you. Perhaps most importantly, Chrono24 is offering the chosen applicant the opportunity to build up a team and contribute their own ideas. Additionally, the role promises regular contact with unique and exciting personalities on the part of their clients.

This is a chance to be part of a global team that redefines the rules of the watch industry. To register your interest please contact Ashley Reed @ [email protected].