Although I don’t wear it often, I still like my Chronoswiss R?©gulateur Automatique a lot. Great dress watch and first ‘real’ Chronoswiss watch (introduced in 1987 as a hand wound wrist watch).

Christopher Meisenzahl mentioned the review on the Chronoswiss Digiteur at The Purists forum last week, and I thought that you might be interested!

Enjoy the review by William Riepl on the Chronoswiss Digiteur! Click here to read it…

  • georges zaslavsky

    Nice movement but it will never match the quality of a 30t2,cal 600 or 610 from omega or even the old and new handwound rolex movements. Nice watch but I would have expected a piguet or a lemania on a chronoswiss not a fef. For the price of this watch, I would rather buy a vintage IWC cal 88 or 89 way better than a fef powered watch.

  • Robert-Jan

    Hi Georges,

    I respect your passion for (vintage) movements, but this watch is more about estethics than about the used movement. In fact, all Chronoswiss watches are I think. Movement wise, there are only a few interesting time pieces by Chronoswiss.

  • RObert

    Hai, how much do you want for your watch??

  • Franco

    Is this piece for sale. If yes, pleaese contact ASAP (503)740-2777 since Princeton Watches has a nex one but I would like pay less.

    They are asking $9,000 dollars, including a second brown strap worth $300 dollars. Since your is used, I believe that a fair price would be approximately $7,000 dollars. On ebay, you’ll see a white gold one for $8,950, brand new, original retail $14,500 vs. yours, retail at $12,500.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt resonse.

    If money for phone call is an issue, I’ll accept a collect call at (503)295-4009.


  • Edward Hahn


    I can’t help but notice that the article linked in this blog posting of the Chronoswiss Review appears to plagiarize part of my own review of the Chronoswiss Orea, written in 2000.

    Decide for yourself.