Jason Oliver at TimeZone posted a message that the Speedmaster Pro owned by astronaut Deke Slayton was sold at some auction. You can find it here.

Here is a picture of the watch:

I hope the buyer puts on a new strap! 🙂 The buckle seems to be original Omega (and in the right time-period). I really doubt if I would ever sell such a personal belonging as a watch that joined me on spaceflights.

  • Hmmm, at the page of the auction there’s noting indicating that Deke Slayton wore it during space activities. It says “Ex: the astronaut Deke Slayton Estate collection”.

    It could be just a watch from his collection. Or even better 😉 he could have bought hundreds of Speedmasters (Skymaster), wear them and then sell it as an astronauts watch – ha ha!

  • Ivan

    Very beautiful this watch. Do you know if there is still avalaible with such this strap?

  • Very interesting.

    I look forward to Chuck Maddox commenting on it. I wonder if there’s any new info to be gained by this? I assume it’s a later model, and possibly not a 321?

    Also, isn’t Bobbie Slayton a comedian? 🙂


  • Howland Wolf


    It’s great to see such a nice site.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that this Omega has seen time in space.

    If I remember correctly, the Omega watches that the US astronauts wore had huge, long straps that allowed them to be strapped over the spacesuits. It might be thought that Mr. Slayton’s watch had been re-fitted with an appropiate strap for terrestrial use.

    Also, I remember the unsubstantiated story that I heard about NASA’s choice of Omega. That story said that the reason that the NASA chose Omega Speedmaster as the official NASA Astronaut watch was the fact that they weren’t “sealed” which allowed air pressures or vacuums to equalize. The Rolex watches with their airtight construction presented an explosion hazard in the vacuum of space.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Howland,

    I think that this may be the original watch worn by Deke, maybe even in space (changing a strap can be done quite easily as you may know). However, like Gerard wrote, the auction doesn’t state it was actually worn in space. So this is a bit tricky 🙂

    @ Ivan,

    These straps can still be found. I think Tag Heuer uses these perforated for their line of Carrera watches. I guess you can order one of those at the Tag Heuer dealer, make sure it is 20mm for the Speedmaster Pro.


  • georges

    Very nice watch and pristine condition.It looks like a 1968 speedy pro.In every case congrats to the owner.

  • Robert-Jan Broer


    I think this Speedmaster is even younger, seen the inscription on the caseback of this watch.


  • already lots of posts … and some little confusion there …

    yes right there is NO mention that this watch have been in space : 200% correct

    now why I doubt this watch have been in space :

    – the strap is not an argument : it is perfectly possible that this strap have been changed , it is correct that the NASA strap is very long but you oftenly see astonauts wearing their speedies without the long strap

    – Donald K. Slayton watch was indeed this later version with 861 caliber (remember that Slayton flew only the very last Saturn V mission : the apollo soyuz) BUT the speedy Slayton use in space was pictured in the famous ” Time Capsure” book and CLEARLY shows a different caseback : engraved with the famous NASA engraving but of the first period (not with the black letters) , the watch have big scratches on the back which could NOT have been removed … ok there is always the possibility of a changed caseback …

    A watch issued at NASA would have a special engraving on the side of the case , curiously we have not picture of this … If I would sold the watch I would certainly SHOW this distinctive feature

    The auction DO NOT state the watch have ever been in space, here again I would CERTAINLY say it if the watch had been in space

    my personnal conclusion is that watch indeed was in pocession of Donald K slayton but never made the trip to space

    sorry to say that it is totally a wrong statement saying “NASA chose Omega Speedmaster as the official NASA Astronaut watch was the fact that they weren‚Äôt ‚Äúsealed‚Äù which allowed air pressures or vacuums to equalize. The Rolex watches with their airtight construction presented an explosion hazard in the vacuum of space.”

    The Omega speedmaster have prooven to be totally tight during vaccum test (it is only a 1 bar pressure difference and the speedmaster is waerproof 3 ATM) and in fact the watch NEED to be vaccum proof in order the oils NOT to outgas , the Rolex fail for another problem : the hands where not properly fixed , fall and block the mechanism ….

    As a reminder there are great evidence that only speedmasters with the 321 caliber went to the moon , but for sure Speedmasters with the 861 caliber are also NASA approved and made their trip to space from the Apollo Soyuz mission (the first mission where there are evidence of the Speedmaster 861 use) up today where the speedmaster is the only watch used for EVAs