Fratello On Air returns with a focused episode on one of our favorite watches, the Rolex Day-Date. Mike and RJ are here with some serious heft on the wrist. You’ll hear about their love for these decadent yet classic pieces.

We really think that you’re going to enjoy today’s episode on the Rolex Day-Date. This edition features two watch fans in an unscripted discussion about the flagship of the world’s most famous watch brand. The watches are different, but the admiration is similar. A word of warning, though: have the pause ready after the opening salvo to regain your composure!

Rolex Day-Date 1803 White Gold

Handgelenks Kontrolle with the Rolex Day-Date

It’s no surprise that the Hangelenks Kontrolle sets the stage for the main topic. RJ is wearing his new-to-him 18238 in yellow gold with an equally champagne dial. Mike goes with a watch from a different era and in a different hue. He’s sporting his “new” white gold 1803 with a black dial. Yes, this is the watch that suffered an agonizing shipping delay! Both talk about what makes this watch special along with their memories of seeing it on the wrists of others or on TV. Enjoy the ride!