Rob and Balazs scoot through five major sports leagues (and touch on a sixth) as they seek out the very best on-field threads available right now. Pairing each jersey/team with a watch model or brand, is, of course, their secondary task.

We’ve got lots of Rolex, Breitling, Lange, and other heavy hitters, wild creations like Hublot, Artya, and HYT, fun stuff like Neff and Casio, and loads more watchmaking wonders to discuss. Jump in and enjoy, and let us know your favorite jerseys in the comments section. Today, we’re touching on the MLB (baseball), NHL (ice hockey), NFL (football), NBA (basketball), and the EPL (soccer). If we’re not talking about your favorite sport, make sure to let us know about it!


Next week, we’re hoping to host our very first phone-in guest! If you love sports and watches and would like to be on the show, drop us a note telling us who you are and what you’d like to talk about. We’re always excited to hear from fans of the show and to share our interests over the airwaves. It would be especially cool if you are a coach/competitor or work in the sporting arena — we’d love to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes and to share that with our listeners.

So, Colin Jackson, if you’re listening, get in touch.

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