We introduce you to the latest project of watch maker Peter Roberts: The Mythique. After the Concentrique timepiece was introduced, Peter Roberts was asked to create and develop a chronograph watch with a new artistic look and using a skeletonized movement. He succeeded doing so with The Mythique timepiece.

Here on Fratello Watches we love skeletonized timepieces, as long as they are not too classic in their appearance. Peter Roberts was convinced that thee were already enough skeletonized pieces on the market for everyone’s taste. He gave the skeletonized theme a lot of thought and came up with the concept of The Mythique. Only available in a small series, as a one-off would be too expensive to realize.

One of the most challenging aspects was to get his hands on the right chronograph movement for The Mythique. Through his many friends in Switzerland he was introduced to some fantastics artisans in the Vallee de Joux. This gave him the opportunity to use the beautiful Valjoux caliber 23 movement. Together with a team of skilled craftsmen from the Jura, these Valjoux 23 movements could be skeletonized, engraved and finished to the highest standards. By hand.

Peter Roberts The Mythique

The Mythique by Peter Roberts

Peter Roberts says “For me, the prime requisite on my watch designs is clarity of the dial – this is not usually achieved on a skeletonized watch. Also I wished to convey a sense of mysticism and even mythology to the watch. I hope that I have achieved these ideals using my “Floating Cloud Concept”. “

The Peter Roberts Mythique chronograph and its “Floating Cloud Concept” ensures that the wearer of the watch is able to get different visual experiences depending on the angle of looking at the watch and the light source (and brightness). Regardless the angle or light, the time and chronograph functions can be clearly read by the wearer.

Below, a close-up image of the skeletonized, hand-engraved and finished Valjoux 23 chronograph movement. This movement, in production for almost 60 years (ended in the early 1970s), is a column-wheel chronograph movement and amongst collectors still regarded as one of the best hand-wound chronograph movements out there. This two register chronograph had a number of variations, adding a third register or a calendar / Moon phase / Flyback etc. Peter Roberts chose to use the two register model, with a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock and a chronograph minute sub dial at 3 o’clock.

Peter Roberts The Mythique

Skeletonized and hand finished Valjoux 23 movement

Although photographs can give some idea of these effects, the “Mythique” needs to be seen and handled to experience the full three dimensional, holographic video-like scenes that are to be observed.

Each of the 10 “Mythiques” will be built to order. Peter Roberts will make two variations of the Mythique timepiece:

–  5 Stainless Steel cased “Silver Sunrise” watches – in these the movement is White Gold finished and represents a cool regeneration of the day.

– 5 Stainless Steel cased “Golden Dawn” watches – in these the movement is Rose Gold finished and symbolises the warmth of a new morning.

The Mythique “Silver Sunrise” and “Golden Dawn” will be priced at £20,000 + VAT.

More information can be found on www.peterrobertswatches.com.

More images of the Peter Roberts Mythique watch