The rigors of everyday life can wreak havoc on your skin. Your hands and wrists in particular have to withstand multiple sessions in which you wash and sanitize them. Most often, the result is irritated and cracked skin that can become extremely dry. And it shows — in your Instagram posts, for instance. Independent research shows us that 89% percent of watch fans who post wrist shots on Instagram feel disappointed with the result because of bad-looking wrists and hands. And that’s why we’ve searched long and hard to find the ultimate solution to this nagging problem. We found it in the form of Fratello Wrist Butter, a luscious cream that nourishes, rejuvenates, softens, and revitalizes your skin. Fratello Wrist Butter is a thick, rich cream that melts on your skin like, well, butter. You know you want it, and your wrist knows it needs it.

At Fratello, we are aware of all watch-related problems. But one thing has always remained a taboo — dry, cracked, irritated, bad-looking skin. Well, that taboo has just been broken with the release of Fratello Wrist Butter. Our team members also have their good and bad days when it comes to hands and wrists. You are not alone in this. But rather than just face the issue and deal with it mentally, we wanted to tackle the problem and come up with a practical solution. And after spending more than a year of development, the solution is here — Fratello Wrist Butter.

Fratello Wrist Butter

Fratello Wrist Butter: go on, treat yourself and your watch

Fratello Wrist Butter is a creamy formula that’s thick enough to deeply moisturize dry, cracked hands but lightweight enough to penetrate the skin with a gentle massage. Apply a generous amount of the wrist butter, massage it in, let it sit on your hand and wrist for a minute, and the result will be silky smooth. And the great thing is that the skin doesn’t feel greasy, slimy, powdery, sticky, or filmy at all. In other words, it won’t grease up the timepiece you’re wearing.

Wrist Butter

After using Fratello Wrist Butter, you will instantly feel and look better. The careful composition of the vegan cream ensures a moisturizing feeling that will last well throughout the day. It will even survive a few hand washings. Fratello Wrist Butter truly is an apply-and-forget type of cream. It’s a no-nonsense, practical product developed with the Fratelli in mind.

But being practical doesn’t mean that it isn’t refined. Apart from the subtly smooth texture of the product, Fratello Wrist Butter has a wonderful scent that’s a refined mix of orange, grapefruit, lime, and mandarin notes. It’s sophisticated and full of character, but it doesn’t linger or overwhelm.

Fratello Wrist Butter

You owe it to yourself and your watch

Do you know what will be overwhelming, though? The combination of your perfectly moisturized wrist and hand and the watch you’re wearing. You don’t just owe it to yourself to use Fratello Wrist Butter. You also owe it to your coveted watch. Your watch will look so much better, come across so much more sophisticated, and make a much more lasting impression when worn on a “canvas” that has been prepped with care and attention. We can’t give you exact numbers yet, but you can expect significant growth in followers, likes, and comments on Instagram and other social media platforms.


Using Fratello Wrist Butter will not only be beneficial to your skin and ego, but it will also save you precious time. The need for touching up pictures before posting is a thing of the past. Just take a couple of minutes at the start of your day to put on the right dose of Fratello Wrist Butter, and you’ll be ready to take and post those wrist shots in one quick go.

Fratello Wrist Butter

Exclusively available in the Fratello Shop

Fratello Wrist Butter comes in a handy tin that contains 200ml/6.75OZ/192g of creamy goodness. It’s easy to open and help yourself to the dose of your liking, and the size of the tub is not too bulky to fit into your bag in case you’re traveling. Fratello Wrist Butter is available in our shop right now for an introductory price of €29.99 while supplies last (and please note that the mandarin and watch are not included). Just head over to the Fratello Shop to order, but please keep in mind that we have limited quantities in stock.

Fratello Wrist Butter

In other words, you best hurry up and get to the shop. And remember, with Fratello Wrist Butter, you’re not just hydrating your skin. With Fratello Wrist Butter, you’re also investing in followers and giving your wrist and watch the treatment they deserve.

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