This time, together with TC Straps & ViaPaneristi, we are giving away a Historic Italian Military reproduction of the De La Penne Ship. This cool accessory is something that every Paneristi probably would like to have in his (or her) collection. It is valued at $249 and we don’t want to give it away like that…. You have to answer a question first. The answer can be found in the usual places.

The question is: What was so special about the Special Editions Panerai made in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Leave a comment with the correct answer, your name and a valid e-mail address and you can be the winner of this nice give away from Fratello, TC Straps and ViaPaneristi. Everyone can join, no regional restrictions.

  • Carol C

    you must be talking about the Slytech model, of which the main difference is the titanium case.

  • KevinL

    The 96 LE or SE was the Slytech line, with the affiliation of Sly Stallone. After Panerai’s acquisition in 96/97, the 97 special edition was a Radiomir reproduction in Platinum. The 98 was a Luminor in titanium.

  • Craig Bennett

    1995/96- Slytech model is made at the request of or endorsed by(depends on who you ask) for Sylvester Stallone and was worn in the movie Daylight. In addition the PAM225 is made of Titanium which makes it lighter than the PAM187. It also has a thiner bezel and wider diameter dial with pegs rather than welded white gold indicators.

    1997- The Vendôme Group, now Richemont takes over Panerai and produces only 60 Radiomir Special Edition watches. This was a rare watch issue and became popular because of its limited production, elegant design and the technical features of its reliable haute horlogeriw movements.

    1998- Luminor Marina Militare PAM 36 is one of the Titanium watches that began its design before the sale of Panerai to Richemont. The first was the PAM 25, the second, designed to be a production model was the PAM40 which was used to test Western markets such as the US and Germany and was the precursor in some ways to the PAM36 which was intended to become a collectors piece. Some interesting facts about the PAM36 include it being one of only two models that recieved a “T Swiss T” dial on production. It was also given the “B” series designation which technically refers to a 1999 production year despite Panerai indicating it was produced in 1998. Further increasing its rarity is the combination of tritium indexes, grade 2 titanium and a brown dial.

    Hopefully that is what you were looking for and not a particular fact about each watch. 1996 was a hard one to find for sure because the Slytech model was a 1995/1996 special edition from the looks of it. Thanks for the awesome giveaways the past few days! – Craig

  • Tin Horvat

    LOL now who will top that answer from Craig!! Well done man, FW, give him this De La Penne now.

  • Jeff C

    All special editions are based on pre-Vendome designs.

  • Craig, that’s a lot of info and very close to the answer we are looking for……

  • Ferdinand A.

    Sorry about my not so good English. English is only my second language. My interest into war ships led me into this site. Thank you for giving enthusiasts like me the opportunity to win a very nice model of the De La Penne Ship. Below are my answers to the question “What was so special about the Special Editions Panerai made in 1996, 1997 and 1998?”

    Panerai Special Editions 1996

    Researching for the answer for this particular Panerai watch was the most difficult among the three. To be honest, I’m not quite sure about my answer. I cannot find a site which specifically mentioned Panerai Special Editions 1996. I just hope that I made the right answer for this one.

    The Panerai Special Editions 1996 is known as the Titanium Panerai Luminor Submersible Chrono 1000m Slytech and PAM 225. It was said that Sylvester “Sly” Stallone commissioned Panerai to exclusively make a special edition watch for him. He wore the said watch in the movie Daylight. The watch is made of Titanium. Each of the 300 pieces of this model was engraved with Stallone’s signature on the caseback.

    Panerai Special Editions 1997

    This watch is also known as the Radiomir. Its size is 47mm and is made of platinum. I read that Radiomir is a re-edition of the first Radiomir Panerai watch made in 1938. There are only 60 units of 1997 SE were made. Other features of the watch include a period Rolex hand-wound movement, a tobacco dial with luminous hour markers and Arabic numerals with yellow gold luminous hour and minute hands, sapphire crystal and an alligator leather skin strap hand-sewn to the case with white gold buckle. The watch can resist water down to 30 meters.

    Panerai Special Editions 1998

    Also known as the Panerai Luminor Marina Militare caliber Panerai OP II or PAM 217. It is 44mm in size and its case and bezel are made of brushed Titanium. The device shielding the crown was Trade Marked. The manufacturer secured permission from the Italian Navy to produce just 200 units. The movement is hand-wound mechanical. Its dial is brown with luminous hour markers and Arabic numerals. Small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. It has a leather strap with titanium buckle personalized PANERAI. The watch’s water resistance is 300 meters.

  • All ’96, ’97 and ’98 special editions are based on historic models and have a manual wind movement. Starting from ’99 new models with automatic movements appeared.

  • Eric

    pre-Vendome (manual winding movement).

  • Eric W.

    Thanks for the contest! I believe the the special aspect of the 1996 (or 1995) Panerai limited edition watches was the connection to Sylvester Stallone. The two limited edition Stallone watches had “SLYTECH” printed on the dial. One was a Daylight model with a white dial and the other was a Mare Nostrum with a blue dial.

    I believe the most special aspect of the 1997 Panerai Radiomir 47mm platinum limited edition watch has to be the period Rolex manual winding movement. The original Panerais used Rolex movements, so it was quite special and rare that Panerai used Rolex movements in this limited edition watch of 60 pieces.

    For the 1998 limited edition, Panerai released a Luminor Marina Militare in a limited edition of 200 pieces. I find the most interesting aspect of this limited edition to be the fact that Panerai obtained special permission from the Italian Navy to be able to produce the watch.

    I hope that this is the answer that you are seeking!

  • Barts27

    I don’t know the answer to the question, but is it possible to answer about football instead? 🙂

  • Ferdinand A.

    Who’s taking home the ship?

  • Ferdinand A.

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