You thought you could ease your way into the new week. Well, you thought wrong! You may have seen Mike’s early morning article on the exquisite G-Shock MR-G Shougeki-Maru already, but the hits keep on coming with two more Japanese G-Shock collaborations. First up is the GM-6900BAPE-1, a special model celebrating the 30th anniversary of BAPE, the Japanese streetwear brand that’s famous for its camouflage patterns. Second is the made-in-Japan GM-B2100VF-1A, a CasiOak in aged steel that’s part of the G-Shock 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Porter Collection Bag Set.

If you like camo, A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) might be your brand. It could have been for three decades because the Japanese streetwear brand celebrates 30 years of camo this year. The GM6900BAPE-1 uses A Bathing Ape’s very first camouflage pattern to create a ton-sur-ton the black resin strap. And the pattern also appears on the steel bezel, which is a first for the GM-6900 model range. There’s another first, by the way, because the GM-6900BAPE-1 is the first GM-6900 model with Casio’s 3529 module, the one that also powers the DW-6900 models.

G-Shock 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

New G-Shock collaborations: Camo BAPE

What’s most definitely not a first is A Bathing Ape collaborating with G-Shock. The two brands have been making special watches together since 1998. The newest one is a black and gold model that comes with an extra “very BAPE” camouflage textile strap.


Other BAPE touches are the streetwear brand’s logo and “Busy Works” printed on the dial side of the watch. And if you want to light up the dial, you touch the button that now shows a “B” instead of the traditional “G”.


Other touches that show you the GM-6900BAPE-1 is not your ordinary GM-6900 are the gold-colored pushers and case back, the latter of which shows an engraved 30th-anniversary logo. The price of the G-Shock × BAPE GM6900BAPE-1 is US$350.


The G-Shock GM-B2100VF-1A is in the bag!

Another 100% Japanese collaboration is the (mostly) analog GM-B2100VF-1A, a full-metal CasiOak that looks both rough and luxurious. It has a bezel and bracelet that make it look like it has either been put through the wringer or has gone on a globetrotting journey. Well, it hasn’t. Instead, the watch received black ion plating that mimics a worn vintage style. It’s the combination of the roughed-up black color and the red and blue accents that create a very dynamic look. Just so you know, the accent colors are based on those of the original G-Shock DW-5000C-1A, and that’s probably why the GM-B2100VF-1A is such an appealing timepiece. I even don’t mind the “fauxtina” luminous material on the hands, and that’s most likely a first.

The watch is actually part of a set. The G-Shock 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Porter Collection Bag Set, that is. The watch comes in/with a commemorative anniversary bag made by famed Japanese bag brand Porter Yoshida Kaban. The water-repellent bag made of Ventile fabric has a storage section for five watches and shows an embossed leather G-Shock 40th Anniversary logo. The octagonal base of the bag mimics the CasiOak’s shape, ensuring that everybody sees this is not just another bag.

If you want to bag the G-Shock GM-B2100VF-1A, it would probably behoove you to act quickly. Despite the ¥184,800 (approximately €1,140) price, this thing is moving fast. You can visit the one of the three Porter stores in Japan — Porter Omotesando, Porter Tokyo, or Porter Osaka. The Yoshida & Co. online store was another option, but it looks like stock has already sold out. Other possible options (at the time of writing) are the Japanese Casio website or the Asian online store. Unfortunately, we have no information about how many G-Shock × Porter watches will be produced.

G-Shock watches

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