Sometimes I go into a review without any specific expectations. When the RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel first landed on my desk, I was pleasantly surprised by its intense black dial. It’s an immediate attention-grabber that creates an awesome level of intrigue and gives RZE’s modern field watch an instant boost in style. So I quickly found myself wearing the Resolute Pro and realized it’s a surprisingly comfortable daily wearer that didn’t leave my wrist. Knowing that the Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel comes in at US$629 makes it even more impressive. It’s time to find out more.

Having no specific expectations was a positive starting point with the RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel. I was simply excited to experience an RZE model for the first time up close. We have covered quite a few of the brand’s models on Fratello, but I never had the opportunity to try any of them. The one that stood out for me was the Fortitude pilot’s watch. It perfectly shows how RZE creates modern titanium versions of classic watch styles.

RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel

The design of the RZE Resolute Pro

That’s also the best way to describe the brand’s Resolute Pro — a modern titanium version of the classic field watch. As I explained in last Friday’s list of best field watches of 2023, nowadays, field watches don’t need to follow any strict requirements. Consequently, we have seen quite a few modern interpretations of this classic style. Besides this RZE Resolute Pro, another example that comes to mind is the Formex Field Automatic. Both abandon the traditional round case of a field watch and utilize a more contemporary, angular case. Additionally, they feature different interpretations of the function-first, time-only layout.

RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel

In this way, the RZE Resolute Pro is a step away from a more traditionally designed field watch like the Hamilton Khaki Field. But that doesn’t make it a less capable or less attractive watch. On the contrary, I would state that this Resolute Pro is more capable than the majority of field watches out there. The Resolute Pro is the new addition to the RZE Resolute lineup. The standard Resolute is slightly more classic in its approach. It features a classic 3-6-9 dial and comes on a canvas strap.

RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel

Expanding the Resolute collection

This new Pro version has an updated dial design that abandons the 3-6-9 layout for rounded baton-shaped markers. Additionally, it comes standard on a rather impressive titanium bracelet. Lastly, the new Resolute Pro will be available with black, yellow, and white enamel dials. We had the Jet Black version in for review, and I can say that it is a dial that draws you in immediately.

It takes center stage thanks to its straightforward design. It’s nice to see an intense black dial without any texture whatsoever. It creates a visual illusion, making you think you’re looking at a black abyss rather than an actual dial.

RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel lume shot

The dial is contrasted by the applied hour markers, which are filled with a slightly off-white Super-LumiNova that lights up blue in the dark. But in a nice little twist, the markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock are divided into two parts. The smaller outer parts of these markers feature the same off-white color during the day but light up green in the dark.

RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel dial close-up

It’s a nice little party trick that adds a bit of charm in darker conditions. Encircling the markers is the white minute track. It features white dots every five minutes and numerals at 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. Lastly, the RZE logo stands out on the upper part of the dial, while the lower part features the usual spec-related text.

The modern case design of the Resolute Pro

Paired with the dial is an angular titanium case measuring 40mm in diameter, 10.5mm in thickness, and 46mm from tip to tip. It also has a 100m water resistance rating and a common 20mm lug spacing. The titanium H-link bracelet features quick-release spring bars and tapers nicely to 16mm wide at the clasp. The case and the bracelet feature a special UltraHex coating that protects them from scratches. As the entire watch is made of titanium, it is impressively light. In total, it comes to 120 grams, split exactly in half between the head and the bracelet.

In proper field-watch style, the entire thing has a brushed finish. This helps it maintain a functional presence, which I love. Overall, it is hard to fault the new Resolute Pro. The watch is well thought out and made with great attention to detail. If there’s just one place where I would like to see a small change, it would be on the dial. Don’t get me wrong; as I said, the intense black color is fantastic to look at, and the layout is perfectly legible. Nevertheless, it is fairly straightforward, and I just wish RZE could add something subtle to give it a bit more character.

The joy of wearing the RZE Resolute Pro

We are talking about a field watch. It’s a category that is defined by its functionality. And that’s exactly what the dial design offers. Combined with the brushed and well-lumed hands, it is super easy to read. I noticed that immediately when I started wearing the watch. The surprising comfort and familiarity of this watch is striking. A big part of the comfort comes from the H-link bracelet. It has solid end links and screws for sizing. Additionally, the fully machined clasp has an easy-to-use toolless micro-adjustment mechanism with four different positions.

Once the bracelet was sized, I closed the clap with a firm click and never looked back. It was as if the watch was made for my wrist. This is nonsense, of course, because the 40mm case and bracelet adjustability make it perfect for various wrist sizes. But I must compliment RZE for creating a watch that wears like a charm. I wore it for a few days straight without looking at a different watch. That is how comfortable and lightweight this watch is.

RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel on wrist

A modern and affordable field watch that ticks a lot of boxes

To power the Resolute Pro, RZE uses the slim Miyota 90S5 movement. It is part of Miyota’s Premium Automatic series and is known as the dateless version of the caliber 9015. This movement operates at 28,800vph and has a 42-hour power reserve. It is the perfect caliber for this RZE Resolute Pro, and it helps keep it affordable. I must say that for US$629, the Resolute Pro is hard to beat considering all that it offers.

RZE Resolute Pro Jet Black Enamel

Not only will that money get you a super comfortable and lightweight modern field watch but also a nice RZE Blackcomb Pouch that holds your watch and EDC items like a passport, headphones, etc. But most importantly, the Resolute Pro is an impressive timepiece. While I think it could perhaps benefit from a boost of unique character, it has a lot going for it. That’s why I have zero doubts that fans will jump on this one.

For more information, visit the official RZE website. In the comments section, let us know your thoughts on this modern field watch.

Watch specifications

Resolute Pro Jet Black
Black enamel with brushed, applied markers and Super-LumiNova
Case Material
Titanium with scratch-resistant UltraHex coating
Case Dimensions
40mm (diameter) × 46mm (lug-to-lug) × 10.5mm (thickness)
Sapphire crystal with AR coating
Case Back
Solid titanium, screw-in
Miyota 90S5 — automatic and hand winding, 28,800vph frequency, 42-hour power reserve, 24 jewels
Water Resistance
Titanium H-link bracelet (20/16mm) with scratch resistant UltraHex coating, quick-release spring bars, and tooless micro-adjustable clasp
Time only (hours, minutes, central seconds)