Today, we go hands-on with a fairly wild G-Shock. The MTG-B2000YR Illumination City Limited Edition was released in late 2023 and is a colorful, feature-laden watch. It’s a higher-end piece, so expect loads of thoughtful details. Let’s venture into the world of bright lights!

It’s not exactly news that G-Shock makes and sells loads of four-figure-priced watches. Still, I’m always interested in what makes these pieces so much different than their lower-cost relatives. After all, even the most affordable G-Shocks still boast an impressive array of functionality. Well, with the new MTG-B2000YR Illumination City Limited Edition, all the functionality is present. However, I think it’s the selection of the materials and finishing that pole vault this watch into the premium section of the lineup. We’ll take a closer look at all the details.

Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000YR Illumination City

The G-Shock MTG-B2000YR Illumination City

First things first: the MTG-B2000YR Illumination City is labeled as a limited edition. However, G-Shock doesn’t state the number of pieces, so I’d liken it to more of a capsule release or a special edition that won’t be around forever. The positive is that there seems to be enough of these to satisfy demand as they’re still available roughly three months after their release.

Essentially, we have a watch made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of G-Shock (it’s one of many released over the past year). It’s based on the normal MTG-B2000 but contains a higher level of advanced materials. Size-wise, the MTG-B2000YR Illumination City is no shrinking violet. It comes in at 49.8mm wide by 55.1mm long and 15.9mm thick. However, due to its material makeup and resin strap, it weighs in at a relatively reasonable 104 grams.


When it comes to specifications, the MTG-B2000YR Illumination City brings the goods. Water resistance to 20 bar, a sapphire crystal, Tough Solar, and radio-controlled atomic timekeeping are just the beginning. This MTG also can connect to a device via Bluetooth for time changes, shows dual time zones, and has a chronograph with a countdown feature and an alarm. Of course, an LED light provides a high level of visibility at night or in the dark.

Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000YR Illumination City

Materials that support the model name

The MTG-B2000YR Illumination City gets its nickname from bright city lights. Think of the neon in Tokyo, New York City, or London, and you get the idea. Here, G-Shock chose stainless steel for the bezel and added ion plating to create an oily, rainbow-like look. Because of the plating process, every model will be unique. This is replicated on the indices and hands. A gradient of similar colors shows up on numbers and letters within the dial. Interestingly, the date wheel contains a host of numerals in different hues.

Aside from the bezel, there’s more to uncover as far as interesting materials. Carbon fiber makes an entrance as the case material. A woven version can be found at the top and bottom of the case. It also forms a protective barrier between the pushers on either side and surrounds the screw-down crown. My absolute favorite feature, though, has to be the layers of multi-colored sheets of carbon and glass fiber that give the flanks loads of character. Here again, G-Shock calls out the bright lights of any major metropolis as the inspiration. Normally, this type of flair isn’t my bag, but it’s funky and cool on a G-Shock!

Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000YR Illumination City on wrist

The MTG-B2000YR is big but light on the wrist

If there’s one brand that doesn’t have to apologize for making big, brash watches, it’s G-Shock. They’re supposed to be large, and yet they work because of their lightness and implied toughness. The MTG-B2000YR isn’t going to escape any glances with its wild colors and presence, but it works. Yes, the resin strap with its pin buckle and stainless keeper is a bit long, but that’s also not unexpected. Is this an overly versatile watch? Well, it’s certainly casual, so don’t expect these to show up in oak-paneled boardrooms. Then again, it’s 2024!

Pricing and availability

The MTG-B2000YR Illumination City rings in at €1,500 / £1,299 / $1,450. That’s roughly 30% more than a normal MTG-B2000, but the materials here are more exotic. Plus, it’s the first carbon-frame edition in several years. Is that reasonable? As I said at the beginning of the article, G-Shock is comfortable selling watches in this price range, and it seems that there are plenty of buyers for them. I ended up liking this watch far more than I thought I would. The colors aren’t overwhelming head-on, but they’re fantastic from the side. In the end, it’s a cool mix of technology and lightweight, advanced materials. Furthermore, it’s available worldwide.

For more information on the MTG-B2000YR Illumination City, visit the official G-Shock site.

Watch specifications

Illumination City Limited Edition
Analog digital display
Case Material
Multi-layered carbon frame with ion-plated stainless steel bezel
Case Dimensions
49.8mm (diameter) × 55.1mm (length) × 15.9mm (thickness)
Case Back
Carbon monocoque
Casio quartz module 5636 with Tough Solar
Water Resistance
20 bar (200m)
Resin strap with stainless steel pin buckle
Dual time, solar charging, Multi Band 6 radio control, stopwatch, LED light, day/date display, countdown timer, alarm, smartphone link
€1500 / £1,299 / $1,450
Two years
Special Note(s)
Limited edition - undisclosed number of pieces