A small brand like Czapek does not release a new product line often. That’s why every new one is special. Czapek found inspiration within its portfolio for the new Promenade collection. It fuses influences from the Quai des Bergues and the Antarctique lines. The result is a new line of watches that combines many details with an overall minimalist design approach. How does that work? It’s fairly easy to understand once you see the Czapek Promenade watches.

Only by examining the various images will you get a good idea of what the brand has created. The Promenade models combine a classically styled case with what, in essence, is a very minimalist dial. However, the materials and how these dials are executed bring much detail to the Promenade watches. Czapek has unveiled three new models that perfectly show the main idea behind this new line.

The details of the Czapek Promenade collection

The three new Promenade models have a 38mm stainless steel case that is 10.8mm thick and 42mm from lug to lug with a 50m water resistance rating. The classically styled round case has short, curved lugs that keep the overall size modest and graceful. Its design pays homage to Czapek’s original Quai des Bergues model. The case features a mix of polished and brushed finishes that nicely emphasize its design details. We can see these, particularly, on the sides, showing this is not a simple case design.

As you can see, quite a few details stand out. There are the recessed and sandblasted case sides, the signature curved crown protectors, and a slim, rounded bezel that fully opens the dial to view. It’s quite an intricate design that adds a nice level of detail to the Promenade.

Czapek Promenade Goutte d'Eau

The magic of the Czapek Promenade is in the dials

The idea for the dial design is fairly straightforward. The principle is that the watches have central hour and minute hands. Additionally, there is a small second sub-dial located at 4:30. Besides a practical function, that sub-dial is the starting point for the different conceptual patterns that Czapek came up with for these watches. The first is the Goutte d’Eau, meaning “Drops of Water” in English.

Czapek Promenade Goutte d'Eau

As you can see, it gives an optical illusion of a raindrop falling on the surface of a body of water, causing ripples that start from the center of the sub-dial. This Grand Feu enamel Goutte d’Eau dial was created in collaboration with Donzé Cadrans, a Ulysse Nardin-owned company that specializes in enamel dials for high-end watches. Looking at the dial, we see that it vividly and interestingly brings an abstract idea to life.

The special guilloché Soleil dial is available in two different versions.

The second model is the Czapek Promenade Guilloché Soleil, which has two different versions — the dark blue Bleu Nuit and the light brown Ivoire. The central idea behind these two dials is that the sub-dial represents the Sun, and the finely cut guilloché sunrays radiate from it. Czapek partnered with longtime partner Metalem to create a new guilloché technique and bring these dials to life.

Besides the difference in the dial concept, there is also a practical difference. As you can see, the Promenade Guilloché Soleil models have a minute track on the rehaut. The sub-dial on both watches also has a seconds scale. It adds practicality and makes it a less conceptual timepiece.

Czapek Promenade Guilloché Soleil Ivoire

I prefer the two Promenade Guilloché Soleil models as they combine a creative idea with the traditional functionality of a watch. But I can see that some people will prefer the abstract quality of the Goutte d’Eau dial. Seeing them in the metal will also make all the difference.

Powered by the familiar in-house-developed caliber SXH5

All three models house the Czapek caliber SXH5.1. This is an evolved version of the SXH5 that became famous for powering the Antarctique. The watchmakers have slightly changed the architecture of the movement to create the dial layout that was necessary for the Promenade collection. Other than that, the specs stay the same. The automatic micro-rotor movement operates at 28,800vph and has 60 hours of power reserve. The rotor is made from 100% recycled platinum, and the skeletonized finger bridges define the look of the caliber. It’s an awesome movement that never ceases to impress.

Czapek Promenade Guilloché Soleil Ivoire

The three watches are available on a nubuck calfskin strap that perfectly matches the dial color. As another option, Czapek offers the three Promenade watches with a stainless steel Milanese bracelet. This changes the look of the watches quite significantly. The great thing is that both options are equally expensive, so you don’t have to pay extra if you prefer the watch on the bracelet.

Czapek Promenade Guilloché Soleil Bleu Nuit

The two Czapek Promenade Guilloché Soleil models will be available for CHF 17,350 (excluding taxes). The Goutte d’Eau version is slightly more expensive at CHF 18,000 (also excluding taxes) and is a limited edition of 20 pieces. All three are available for pre-order now, with first deliveries scheduled for the second quarter of 2025.

Czapek Promenade Soleil Ivoire

Final thoughts on the new Czapek Promenade collection

With the new Promenade models, Czapek shows a different side of the brand. I like the idea of creating a line of “simple” time-only watches so the craftsmanship and great level of detail that go into them can take over. If you are a fan of classic dial-making, these new models might be the watches for you. I can’t wait to see these three models in real life and find out the effect of the different dials. Hopefully, that will be sooner than later.

For more information, visit the official Czapek website. Let us know your thoughts on the new Promenade collection in the comments.