The Italian Golden Pages (Pagine d’Oro) on watches, jewellery and so on.

Pagine d´Oro

As they say ` is the portal for Made in Italy Gold, Silver and Jewellery: Fashion creations from the Goldsmiths of Valenza, Vicenza, Arezzo, Milan; The virtual trade fair, bursting with the very latest designs and exclusive collections from Italy‚Äôs master craftsmen; Precious gifts in the form of rings, high quality jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, parures, pendants, precious stones, broaches and …. `

Especially the pages on watches (manufaturers, distributors, retailers) and watch accesoiries are interesting to browse.

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Gerard Nijenbrinks

Gerard Nijenbrinks

Gerard has been in the watch industry for over two decades now. He runs an on-line watch shop from The Hague, The Netherlands, and besides that he has journalistic and photographic activities in the field of watches. Collecting watches since he was six years old (true!) and triggered by a friend, he bought his first 'real' watch in the late eighties; an Omega Speedmaster Professional with glass back. This was the first watch of a nice, even today ever growing, collection.
Gerard Nijenbrinks