I decided I really have to save up for a Lemania 5100 driven watch šŸ™‚ 2004 is probably the last year of production (introduced in 1978), and this movement is really worth the ‘investment’.

This chronograph movement is very sturdy and reliable and was/is used in Omega Speedmaster models, Sinn, Tutima, Bell & Ross and even in Alain Silberstein’s watches. Except for the last one, all are very functional ‘tool’ watches so to speak.

I think I want something like this, or a vintage Omega Speedmaster Automatic ST176.0012:

Sinn 142ST

Sinn 142, picture copyright HPN

  • Eagle Eye says šŸ˜‰

    You are right, 2004 might be the last year to obtain a new chronograph watch with an Lemania 5100 movement. Production of the movement stopped already in 2002; Sinn bought virtually all left over stock for their 142 and EZM.1 models. There will be a commemorative Sinn Lemania 5100 model at end of this year or beginning next year to mark the end of this movement.

  • neatlittlefellow

    After buying the B&R Space 3 ti and liking this type of case so much i started to look out for the Sinn142 and the Tutima NATO.
    I will have to delay the plans for a Pammie since I really want a Lemania 5100 before they end production. I will probably go for the Sinn 142St on a leather strap (like the photo above) .

  • tutima nut

    I have to admit that I’m writing this in August 2010. Most BB contributors figured 2004 maybe 2005 for the death of the Lemania 5100. Well folks I’m sitting here with four (4) count em Tutimas with the 5100. I purchased mine in 2008 and 2009 new from Tutima or authorized dealers. The model I have on has a chronograph feature, day and date, 24 hour display, a 12 hour timer, small seconds at nine, three separate arrow hands that sweep. This is one version of the military chrono that is contracted by German and NATO Air
    Forces since 1986. The other two have a beveled bezel also in gold. So don’t sound the death knell for the Lemania 5100 yet. Tutima is the only watch maker you can get one from.