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Linde Werdelin Realized and Acted: LW Vintage Service

Robert-Jan Broer
May 03, 2016
Linde Werdelin Realized and Acted: LW Vintage Service

I’ve had several discussion with watch brands on the pre-owned (and vintage) market. Why not take control over their heritage pieces and instead of cursing at on-line market places selling new, pre-owned and vintage watches, do something yourself. Either team-up or start your own alternative.

Linde Werdelin noticed that there is quite some demand for sold-out Linde Werdelin timepieces, whether they are delivered to the market last year or in 2006 (their Founders Watch was introduced late 2006).

From 2006 till today, Linde Werdelin has produced 4500 individual pieces across 73 individual series. No wonder that there can be high demand for these pieces, as these watches should be regarded as very exclusive.

LW Vintage

LW Vintage

As of today, Linde Werdelin takes control with their new LW Vintage service. Linde Werdelin takes the lead to be honest, to (try) to have control over their pre-owned pieces by offering them for sale (again) and make sure the watch fully serviced and proof of authenticity via their new marketplace called LW Vintage. That’s right, an on-line place where sellers and buyers will meet and negotiate about the Linde Werdelin watches offered, be it a LW 3-Timer in brown or a more recent SpidoSpeed model.

LW Vintage

You could say it is like Chrono24 but instead being led by a watch brand. This way, authenticity can be provided for all watches and watches can be serviced by LW Vintage before they are shipped to their new owners. LW Vintage only charges a fee to the seller, the buyer is free of charges.

Not sure why they refer to it as LW Vintage, as the watches don’t go back that far (2006), but I do support this way of thinking by a brand instead of being scared of the internet and the on-line marketplaces, they take use of it. I can only applaud that as there are still many brands around that seem to be waiting for the day that the internet goes away.

In any case, LW Vintage is on-line as per today, so the trading can begin!

Go LindeWerdelin.com/LWVintage

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