The Group Stage is in the books. It’s time for the head-to-head contests to begin. Over the next two weeks, we will run two quarter-final match-ups each weekend. One on Saturday; one on Sunday. Our intrepid warriors made it through blood baths of their own making, but now they need your help to fight another day. Only one man can progress from each quarter-final to the next stage. The choice of who receives that honor rests with you. Will it be the Snoopy III or the ST1? You decide…

With three Quarter-Finals in play, the sharp end of the competition is, well, sharpening. It looks likely that the Final Four will comprise the Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 2015, the Tintin (having taken a lead over the previously dominant Alaska), the Ed White 321, and one of today’s contestants.

What could happen?

A win for Rob could see three of the Final Four Speedmasters being white-dialed watches. That would be a surprise given the proliferation of dark dials throughout the Speedy’s history, but stranger things have happened at sea… However, for that to happen, the see-saw QF between Mike and Jorg would need to tip back in Jorg’s favor now that the Tintin has stormed from behind to take a commanding lead…

If Bert takes home the win, we will be guaranteed at least one black dial in the final as waiting for the ST1 in the Semi-Finals would (likely) be the Ed White 321 of Balazs…

Although, should the Snoopy 2020 make it out of this QF alive, few would bet against it going all the way! Let battle commence!

Speedy Tuesday Frankfurt Charlie Duke

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Anniversary

There is so much to choose from when it comes to Speedmasters. And although it is hard to narrow things down, the first Speedy Tuesday watch is a winner on many levels. Even though I find it hard to choose between watches, going by what’s on my wrist most of the time, we can stop the competition right here and declare this watch the winner. Easily! But that’s not how this competition works, so let’s have another look at what makes this watch such a stunner!

The plain basics

Well, maybe look at a downside first. It doesn’t come with the commemorative Snoopy Award logo. This prestigious silver pin was awarded to NASA employees and contractors for their outstanding achievements regarding flight safety and mission success. Instead, the Speedy Tuesday Anniversary Tribute to Alaska Project III has the one thing which you will only find on space-flown Speedmasters — the radial dial. This dial design was selected by NASA engineer James Ragan who found it more legible than the standard Speedmaster design.

…mighty old-school…

Besides having a radial dial, the case of the NASA Speedmaster was treated to reduce glare which is incorporated in the ST1, which has an all-brushed case. So, unlike the regular Speedmaster, the Speedy Tuesday 1 doesn’t come with a single polished surface which makes it very unusual. Comparing it to the Silver Snoopy makes the Speedy Tuesday look mighty old-school, but I love it!

No ceramics, no sapphire, just the plain basics like an aluminum bezel and hesalite crystal. Exactly like the Speedmasters were used back in the day. And, let’s be honest, you can wear a 40-year old Speedmaster without any issues as long as you have it serviced.


Anywhere, anytime

Yes, the Snoopy is cool, even though this most recent model is the third version in that micro-series. Both watches in this quarter-final feature the panda dial design but in a different way. Where the Snoopy is a proper panda, mine is called an inverted panda.

However, the Speedy Tuesday 1 nails it in my book as it lacks bright colors, it always looks modest on the wrist. Hence you can wear it anywhere, anytime.

Designed by true watch lovers, for true watch lovers.

But probably the most important reason to choose the Speedy Tuesday is the fact it’s a community-driven watch. Designed by true watch lovers, for true watch lovers. Without repeating the story of Speedy Tuesday, you probably all know about how and when. It shows what happens when you let the passionate people have a say in the design. It was great being part of it and the feedback over time has been tremendous.

The first community-driven Speedmaster

So the Speedy Tuesday 1 has no fancy materials or patches, it is simply the ultimate Speedmaster when it comes to sharing stories. It connects the dots between the rich history of the Omega Speedmaster and space exploration. Staying true to the original design, using traditional materials for a watch with an incredibly rich history. Having said that, I know how biased my opinion is as this watch turned out to become my daily beater ever since I picked it up back in 2017.

…in the hands of the readers…

And yes, the Snoopy is cool, and I actually put in an order for one. But does it make it better than the Speedy Tuesday Anniversary? I don’t think so. It is hard to beat the first community-driven Speedmaster which also created a buzz by the way it was launched and sold. But I will leave it in the hands of the readers to make the final decision about which watch takes the win. You know where my vote’s going…

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 310.

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary

Earlier this week, Balazs and I went through our predictions for the Quarter-Finals. I had myself as a slight underdog (pun intended) simply because the Speedy Tuesday 1 Tribute to Alaska is a peerless watch. It has a huge amount of emotional significance. It is a milestone. Both Omega and Fratello are rightfully very proud of it. I wish I’d been a member of the team when it was released. As it is, I look upon it and those who brought it to life with admiration.

Panda dials are also cool.

But here’s the thing: daring as it is, it isn’t as daring as the Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary. The Speedy Tuesday 1 is certainly striking. Its use of lume is unrivaled in a Speedmaster. And I mean that. I have not forgotten the little luminous dog that might be awaiting me in the Grand Final, don’t worry. Nothing comes close to the ST1 in the dark. But with the lights switched on, the Snoopy 2020 beats the ST1 around the park with a weird combination of artfulness and amusement.

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 310.

White-dialed Speedmasters are cool. You will find few arguments among the Fratelli for making that statement. Panda dials are also cool. That too won’t meet with much opposition. The color blue has a long history in the luxury realm. By bringing these three elements together, Omega has set the stage for a successful Speedmaster. Throw in everyone’s favorite Beagle and success becomes a foregone conclusion…

Omega Speedmaster Snoopy

A solid silver dial

Each Snoopy model has chosen a different way to honor the Silver Snoopy Award. In 2005, the concept was new. It was innocent. Looking back, the first attempt was charming for its simplicity and nothing more. 2015 saw a radical departure from the norm. Consequently, that watch now sells for six times its original retail. 2020, however, had to top the 2015 effort. It certainly seemed unlikely. The case back of the 2015 version was seen as almost unbeatable. No one (and I’m pretty sure I mean no one) saw this coming. An animated Space scene tied to the chronograph function? Yes. Please.

Applied blue indices had never been my thing until Omega deployed them on this timepiece.

But the real mastery of the 2020 edition is the solid silver dial. Not only is silver a wonderful material work with because of its rich color and ability to hold a frosted texture very well, but it is also thematically linked to the award itself. Additionally, the dial is far from plain. Its sloping edge and deeply recessed sub-dials give it a real character from oblique angles. Applied blue indices had never been my thing until Omega deployed them on this timepiece. Now I get it. They blaze against the off-white background. Along with those modern blued hands, they create an unforgettable visage.

Omega Speedmaster Snoopy

A place for the pin

Omega is certainly learning from its past. We are seeing an evolution here. If people think the Snoopy 2015 is the favorite to win the Speedmaster World Cup, think again. This watch is better. The case back of the 2015 model was great. I admit that. You rarely see that kind of artistry on models as mainstream as the Speedmaster. But this case back is far cooler. It is funny. It is wistful. Best of all, it is supremely well-executed.

It has a solid silver dial with all the nuances and flair you’d expect to get from major brands but rarely do.

And, in my opinion, the 9 o’clock sub-dial is the best place for the pin badge anyway. The case back provides a relatively massive canvas, but the Snoopy pin doesn’t need that much space. In my opinion, the Silver Snoopy on the back of the 2015 case was a bit too big. I’ll tell you more about that when we’re facing off in the Grand Final of the Speedmaster World Cup, but first, you’ve got to help me get out of this dust-up.

Omega Speedmaster Snoopy

I know the ST1 is great (honestly, I would buy it myself). But this Snoopy Speedmaster is simply better. It has global significance. It has a solid silver dial with all the nuances and flair you’d expect to get from major brands but rarely do. And don’t forget the boldest case back of the century. I know I can count on you. Now it’s time to count the votes!

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