I had this Breitling Navitimer’92 on a blue monday. Admitted, a stainless steel / gold combination with a blue leather shark strap wasn’t probably the best choice I had made in a long time. After a week I flipped it (and advertizing with that type of watch is good for a few anecdotes itself) for another watch. Although I was pretty sure I was very Navitimer-ish, this ’92 model in gold/steel didn’t do the trick. Should have gotten the regular Old Navitimer or the vintage ref.806 model instead. Chances are big I still would have it in my collection.

Long gone but not forgotten is a Navitimer ancestor, the Breitling Aviastar. This watch was only in production from late 1996 till 1998 and actually a 1990s successor of the early 1940s ref. 765 Breitling chronographs. I had the pleasure of seeing a few in the flesh about 10 years ago and immediately loved the slim chronograph case, bezel with raised markers and dial with several ‘steps’ in it. The typical Valjoux 7750 is less cool than the tri-compax lay-out in my opinion, where the sub-registers are located on the 3, 9 and 6 o’clock positions. However, this lay-out is only one of the few downsides I could come up with. In the year of the introduction of this timepiece, the price was set to just over 2300 USD.

The Breitling caliber 13 used in the Aviastar is based on the ETA/Valjoux 7750 movement, nothing special so far. Just a decent automatic chronograph movement with an annoying one directional winding system causing the watch to wobble on your wrist as soon as the rotors find its free direction 🙂 Some people like this ‘feature’ though. This Aviastar was available in black, brown and blue. The brown version would be fashionable again today. I don’t have much going on for the typical blue Breitling color though. So either black or brown.

This uncommon and especially underrated Breitling of the late 1990s, would be one of my favourite Breitling models actually. The Old Navitimer would be one of the few watches I would pick from the current catalogue, and believe it or not, the quartz models with digital displays such as the Aerospace and Emergency would be an option as well. As long as the price would be right. Chrono24 tells me that these neo-vintage Aviastar beauties should fetch around 1980 – 2500 Euro these days.

Aviastar watches have a very decent size for today’s standards, a 41.5mm case diameter and about 16mm in height. The Breitling caliber 13 / Valjoux movement delivers a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. Good thing about this caliber is that they are probably fairly easy / cheap to maintain throughout the years.

Pictures courtesy of Ed Loebl, WatchSeller. Watch is not for sale any more.

  • You didn’t mention the mineral crystal. It’s a pity that it wasn’t sapphire or even acrylic…

  • Good point, it indeed had a mineral crystal from what I’ve read in the Breitling forum over at WatchUseek.

  • Charles

    I have a 1997 model with A13024: 7278. Is it real?

    I was also to ask if the mineral crystal is eacy to scratch? There are already a couple of scratch lines on the face and I was wondering it this make the one I have as a fake?

  • Great classic watch, though there are a few odd things about it. The dial is the inspiration for the Avenger series of watches currently from Breitling.

  • Buissink

    Hi Charles, I have the black Aviastar as well. I bought it 13 years ago when I turned 18. My model has also A13024 (4421) and I have the original papers with it as well. The glass is indeed of mineral crystal and no sapphire. So I’m for sure yours isn’t fake.

  • Bill

    I have a Black Aviastar, and it’s crystal is extremely scratch resistant. I have bumped it against steel doors, and concrete, and never got any scratches. Great watch all around.

  • Charles

    I feel proud being the owner of this exceptional watch (by now more than 15 years). The more I read about this watch the more I like it. 

    Recently I visited a fake goods center in China (where else!) selling near-perfect fake watches. All six shop owners recognized that the one I have is a real one. And this is the best testimony to the watch.

  • Reisekaiser

    Hi I’ve just bought the Aviastar and love it.. Not at first ,but when put side by side to newer models saw it was the only one for me !!

  • Rdobson73

    I have 10 breitlings i purchased over the years, Have a black avistar..it is my main watch..the other one i enjoy is a black face breitling yatching!! I wear these two most of the time..and what is suprising, I get constant remarks about where did you get it? people thinking it is for sale today..!!

  • Martin Cooper

    As the previous comments, this is the Breitling of choice for me. I have both the Havana and the Black. The crystal has never given me an issue – I wear them. . I love the understated looks. Not the Look-At-Me Town-clock Clang of standard Breitlings. And if you see one it won’t be a fake, which is why the fake-centre blokes in the previous post all knew it was real. (There is one fake around but it is so rare and so poor no one would be fooled). And the movement is cheap to have serviced. And unlike any other Breitling save a few will still sell for more than I paid for mine new. What’s not to like?