You’d have a hard time convincing me in March that we would see any more watch releases. With fairs postponing to next year, or cancelling, how would brands react to an unfamiliar release schedule? Even the Grande Maisons such as Rolex and Patek, set our expectations very low and swore off 2020 unveilings. But the story of this year, in general, is of remarkable resiliency in the face of adversity.

As it transpires, 2020 has been a tremendous year for new watch announcements. Just flick through our help page for all new watches, and you will witness a wide variety of price points, innovation and fascinating designs. We are aware that many digital outlets are vying for your eyeballs these days. That is why we find it truly humbling that our fellow Fratelli find the time to swing by our site and pay a visit to our latest articles. This year is shaping up to be our biggest year ever, thanks to you.

Shining a spotlight

But it’s not all smiles for each watch release. With so many competitors, it’s understandable that some timepieces do not always get the attention they may or may not deserve. And in all honesty, the new Rolex Submariner pulled the pin, closed the door and walked away — of course without looking behind as only cool guys do. But as I have discovered, some of these watch underdogs have found their way to Chrono24. And even more exciting, these watches are in brand new condition for less than the recommended retail price.

All these watches were selected carefully by me without any influence from Chrono24. I chose the topic and found suitable wristwatches that related to the topic. I only request the high-resolution photos from Chrono24 without the watermark. As these are only my suggestions, it is worth always carrying out your research on the watch details and the seller. Ask as many relevant questions you feel are necessary for the watch, and a good seller should answer with accuracy and honesty.

With these provisos out of the way, let’s get into my (semi) pre-owned picks.

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo pre-owned

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Stainless Steel 103431

Let me start with a bit of a shock to the system. My first choice is the brand new Bvlgari Octo Finissimo in a satin-brushed steel case and blue dial. The market equivalent Audemars Piguet Royal Oak would typically be waitlist only with a premium on the second-hand trade. Yet the listing on Chrono24 has the Bvlgari for €7,900, brand new with box and papers. Somehow, this barnstorming Octo Finissimo is available for nearly €4k under the asking price of €11,800. And going by RJ’s unveiling love letter to the new Octo Finissimo steel, it is not a watch to be passed up. Even the GPHG nominated this exact Bvlgari in the men’s category.

The Art Deco dial shimmers in the light with a style that is unmistakably Bvlgari

Whether consumers are slow to react or the intrinsic values have not yet been realized, I have to say; the pre-owned price perplexes me. In my view, this is the purest execution of the Octo Finissimo that demonstrates all the facets of the complex case construction. But the almost Art Deco dial shimmers in the light with a style that is unmistakably Bvlgari. A possible reason for consumers being on the fence may be down to how the Octo Finissimo affixes to the wrist. I found the incredibly thin case would sometimes sit awkwardly on my wonky wrist. Whereas the Royal Oak fits me like a dream. Time will tell, but my gut feeling is that the new Octo Finissimo is a future classic, and I present an opportunity here that should not be squandered.

Price: €7,900

Check out the listing on Chrono24 here.

Oris Holstein Divers Sixtyfive Chronograph Bronze pre-owned

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph Bronze Hölstein Edition

I admit I have been slow to come around to the idea of bronze in luxury watches. I polish my watch cases and crystals with a micro-fiber cloth on an almost religious basis. But I must say my recent experience with the Vertex Bronze 75 has been changing my tune. Instead of removing oily fingermarks and lint and dust, I just let the bronze run wild and oxidize and adapt to my daily routine.

If you were unlucky in picking up one of the 250 pieces, then Chrono24 has your back.

The new Oris Hölstein dials it up by featuring an entirely bronze case including all the links of the bracelet. It certainly is a luscious look that can dress up and down based on the developing patina. Jorg covered the limited edition watch brilliantly here, and indicated the RRP is €4,600. Suppose you were unlucky in picking up one of the 250 pieces directly, then Chrono24 has your back. The example I’m sharing is essentially brand new. Even more, the wrist model has kept the cloth around the bracelet as not to let it oxidize with his skin. Only the lucky buyer will personalize the watch with their “wrist cheese”. What’s more, the Oris is available for less than RRP. Albeit by only forty-six EUROS.

Price: €4,554

Check out the listing on Chrono24 here.

Hamilton PSR Digital pre-owned

Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz

If you only have less than thousand EUROS in your piggy bank, do not despair. I have you covered with the new steel Hamilton PSR (not Pulsar for legal reasons). This quartz Hamilton with digital display is brand new with box and papers and thirty-five Euros under RRP of €695. Our vintage expert Balázs, brought you all the details and hands-on shots as the watch went live in March.

Price: €660

Check out the listing on Chrono24 here.

Seiko Presage Porco Rosso SRQ033 pre-owned

Seiko Presage Porco Rosso SRQ033

I am going to break my own rules with my last pick. Mostly on the basis that this is a Seiko that I can’t shake from my psyche. You know when an annoying song comes on the radio, and you turn the volume down as soon as it comes on. But eventually you hate it so much you start turning it up? Luckily the Germans have a word for this, as they typically do: Ohrwurm. Or to translate to English as “earworm”: The Seiko Presage Porco Rosso SRQ033 has the same effect on me. At first, it made no sense. I even commented on the article that the price confused me. As well as the concept of a classic Studio Ghibli film, “Porco Rosso” forming the inspiration.

The Seiko is starting to sink its claws, or trotters, into me.

But over time, it is this article by Bertie that I keep revisiting. Not only for his sumptuous photography, but the Seiko is starting to sink its claws, or trotters, into me. So how am I breaking my rules? Well, the only one I could find on Chrono24 came with a slight premium of €121 over the RRP of €4,100. Also, it was a limited edition of 600 pieces, so if it happens to be no longer available, then this is the best chance before the price creeps up further.

Price: €4,212

Check out the listing on Chrono24 here.

Above are my choices but there are plenty more new watches out there on Chrono24. Let me know which one takes your fancy.