Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition

Quick Look: Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition

Michael Stockton
January 14, 2019
Quick Look: Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition

Hot on the heels of their first airline-inspired release honoring Swissair, we have a second new colorful watch to view, the Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition.  Much like the Swissair piece, the Pan Am pays tribute to another airline from the Golden Age of commercial travel.  Pan Am is arguably the most famous airline to ever exist despite the fact that they ceased operations way back in 1991.  I never flew them, but I recall many family members and friends hopping aboard their “wide bodies” out of Miami International and over to foreign destinations such as Heathrow.  And then, who could forget 2002’s Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo Dicaprio as a captain-in-disguise on Pan American Airways?  Yes, the brand and the logo was and is legendary.

Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition

The Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition follows the same format as the Swissair Edition.  It comes in at 43mm in steel, is available on brown leather, mesh, or the plate-like “Gainsbourg” bracelet.  Here again, we’re treated to the in-house column wheel B01 movement.  The Pan Am will be a special edition and is not numbered.  That movement, by the way, can be viewed through a display back that features the iconic airline’s logo.

Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition

Taking a look at the dial, we’re treated to another vividly hued chronograph.  The Breitling Navitimer Pan Am Edition features the familiar blue on its slide rule and for the bulk of the dial.  The registers are white as well as the ring between the dial and the slide rule.  Interestingly, Breitling chose to keep a common theme on this watch with the Swissair by incorporating an orange/red into the mix.  At first I wasn’t sure about this as the color, at least to my knowledge, didn’t exist within Pan Am’s color portfolio.  Public reaction, by the way, has been very strong on Breitling’s own Instagram account as well as CEO Georges Kern’s.  Expect availability within the next quarter and pricing to be around $8,000.  And lastly, we expect more airlines soon!

For more information, head to the Breitling site.

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