Prince Bernhard (1911-2004), member of the Dutch Royal Family, was an avid Rolex wearer. Dutch magazine Quote published an article in their March edition about the auction of this particular Rolex Date. Christie‚’s in Amsterdam will auction this Rolex Date on the 3rd of April 2007. Maarten van Gijn, Public Relations & Marketing of Christie‚’s, mailed me the picture below and stated that I could use it for this blog. I am curious why the Royal Family is auctioning this watch, in my opinion it should be on one of the wrists of his grand childeren. Anyway, according to Quote Magazine, it will fetch around 3000 Euro.

Photo by Christie's Amsterdam

  • Strange to see this common steel Date-model as watch of the Prince. I clearly recall a full gold model around his wrist on several occasions before he passed away.

    I agree that it is rather strange that they put it out for auction. I dont think that it will be because of the money……

  • Martijn,

    I assume he forgot his yellow gold Day-Date OsterQuartz one day and picked this one up at Rolex in Switzerland.


  • RJ,

    He probably just filled up the tank of his green Ferrari 456 GT, notiched that he forgot his DD OQ in his hotel in Maranello and had just enough pocketmoney to get this one. I think that with a story like that the value of the watch would double.


  • I have been reading this blog for a while now, and I thought it would be proper to leave a note of appreciation here.

    Many Thanks,
    Jim Mirkalami

  • Tomas Ruberst

    How much did the watch eventually sell for at auction? And was the vendor the Dutch Royal Family or other party. The Prins could have gifted the watch to someone before his death?

    RIP Prins Bernhard