Every week we receive a lot of questions regarding Speedmaster prices. What’s a good price for this Omega Speedmaster 105.012 or what should I expect to pay for a Speedmaster Snoopy Award or a Speedmaster Gemini IV?

We already helped starting collectors a bit forward with our two-part Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide here and here. However, we also thought it might be a good idea to create an Omega Speedmaster Price Guide.

Speedmaster Price Guide

Speedmaster Price Guide

To be able to create a price guide, there are several data sources you can use. It eventually will make a difference as well, whether you are using the prices of an Omega sales forum or the bidding prices of auction houses. We decided to use data provided to us by Chronolytics. This company uses mainly data based on the world’s biggest luxury watch market platform, Chrono24.

With 50 million visits each month, there is no real competition out there in terms of numbers except perhaps eBay. On Chrono24, watches are being offered by both professional sellers (dealers) and private sellers. This results in a mix of offers on Omega Speedmasters. You can imagine that the prices asked by dealers are slightly higher due to their overhead costs. However, we decided to use the average price on offered Speedmaster watches. Keep in mind that some of these prices can be negotiated, some are fixed.

We will update this list every 6 months, so you will be kept up-to-date with actual information. The data used in this first Speedmaster Price Guide is based on offered Omega Speedmaster watches between 1-1-2014 to 1-7-2014 (H1 2014).

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For starters, we selected a number of Speedmaster references to work with for this Speedmaster Price Guide. In the future, we will add more reference numbers. If you are interested in seeing some specific reference numbers. Drop a line.

All prices are in Euro, we converted to USD with the exchange currency rate of September 23rd 2014.

 Speedmaster Price Guide Table

Reference Number Model Price EUR Price USD Comment
3570.50 Speedmaster Pro 2687 3439
311. Speedmaster Pro ‘Brown’ 3047 3900 2008 – 2012, brown dial
3592.50 Speedmaster Pro 2436 3118 Speedy Pro sapphire back crystal 95-97
3590.50 Speedmaster Pro 2200 2816 1988 – 1996
145022 Speedmaster Pro 2398 3069 -69 -71 -74 -76 -78
145.022-68 Speedmaster Pro 2547 3260 Transitional model
145.012 Speedmaster Pro 3212 4111 pre-Moon, caliber 321
105.012 Speedmaster Pro 3901 4993 pre-Moon, caliber 321
105.003 Speedmaster (Pro) 4501 5761 (Pre-)Pro pre-Moon caliber 321
105.002 Speedmaster 5969 7640 New reference number, only in 1962
2998 Speedmaster 8225 10528 2nd generation Speedmaster, 1959-1962
2915 Speedmaster 21000 26880 1st generation Speedmaster, 1957 – 1959
311. 50th Anniversary Model 3750 4800 2007
3569.31 Apollo XI 35th Anniversary 4405 5638 Panda
311. Apollo XI 40th Anniversary 3781 4839 2009
345.0809 Moonphase 5875 7520 1985, limited to 1300 pieces
3565.80 Gemini IV 40th Anniversary 3954 5061 2005
BA 145.022 Apollo XI Gold 13188 16880 Gold commemorative model 1969-1972
BA 345.0802 Apollo XI Gold 7262 9295 Gold commemorative model 1980-1984
3560.50 Apollo XI 30th Anniversary 2782 3560 1999
3595.52 Apollo XIII 4950 6336 1995
3578.51.00 Snoopy Award 5116 6548 2003
311. Apollo XV 40th Anniversary 3524 4510  bracelet with screws
3577.50 Moon to Mars 2837 3631
311. Alaska Project 3696 4730 2008
3594.50 57 Replica edition 2143 2743 1998-2003
3570.40 Racing 3541 4532 2004, Japan market only (ltd)
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A detailed overview on vintage Speedmasters (also making the distinction between the different CK2915-1/2/3, CK2998-1/-2/-3/-4/-5/-6/-61/-62 and so on references) can be found on www.speedmaster101.com/price-chart/

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