Speedy Tuesday – OMEGA Museum Photo Report

Bert Buijsrogge
April 23, 2013
Speedy Tuesday – OMEGA Museum Photo Report

It is Speedy Tuesday! Just a few months ago, Bert Buijsrogge and I visited the OMEGA museum in Biel, Switzerland. With the focus on Speedy Tuesday, Bert took some photos of the Speedmasters (and Flightmasters), Apollo suit and NASA equipment (including the Moon buggy prototype). If you remember correctly, we already did a report on the OMEGA museum a while ago (click here), but lacking the photographic skills of Bert of course.

Speedmaster Pro in OMEGA Museum

Except for the beautiful vintage Speedmaster Professional from Bert above, on the NASA console (used for the Apollo space programme), we don’t have any descriptions for the rest of the 77 photos. Just sit back and enjoy. If you have any specific questions regarding a photo or certain watch on the photo, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

 photo 130221_IMG_9599_zps52f5331c.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9600_zps1b9270dd.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9602_zps92daabd5.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9605_zps0bdff700.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9606_zps3e920635.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9609_zps043fa1ba.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9611_zpsd5d030fc.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9612_zps4101e58f.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9614_zpsf70b4ffa.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9615_zpsb2bdd29e.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9626_zps56086621.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9627_zpsc40ac673.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9628_zps130f2922.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9629_zps01e926a1.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9630_zpsc98f18f5.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9631_zps30446210.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9632_zps219f1ec5.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9633_zpsbbd838d0.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9634_zps3f5aa3f8.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9635_zpsadeb81e9.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9636_zpsd2bfe2be.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9637_zpse52e0c96.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9638_zps47d70c3a.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9639_zpsf018df91.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9640_zpsb739b370.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9641_zpsdb276558.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9642_zpsb9582d36.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9644_zps3f040652.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9645_zps548ed874.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9646_zps769b3833.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9647_zpseaa73d38.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9648_zpsaaa61b22.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9649_zps3ad1d857.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9650_zps681d83bb.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9652_zpsf9d47981.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9653_zps648cddff.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9654_zps669dc98b.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9655_zps39196f31.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9656_zps945de3c1.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9657_zps383d7ddb.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9659_zps4d555e59.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9660_zps7e074b25.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9661_zpsb48500ef.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9662_zps3ba8c4ad.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9664_zpsfe3c0f36.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9665_zpse0efe3d2.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9666_zps60b807ff.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9668_zpsac2a4d26.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9669_zpsa5997e77.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9670_zps3dd403a4.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9671_zps0ea66061.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9672_zps1e825149.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9673_zps11423bc9.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9674_zps2054a792.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9677_zpsdd93ef8c.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9678_zps327d7233.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9679_zps37c4c401.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9680_zpsd2beb477.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9681_zps2b782d2f.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9682_zpse3e6cb14.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9684_zpsa50923ae.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9686_zps424f14aa.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9687_zpsec8943f8.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9688_zpsd4814318.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9689_zps22e8dab3.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9690_zpsda5e032d.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9691_zpsca701cbb.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9692_zps44268aac.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9694_zpsfbe31cb9.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9758_zps5559b614.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9759_zpscebe05f9.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9763_zps55995ae8.jpg

 photo 130221_IMG_9764_zpsfedf8780.jpg

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