Pioneering Swiss watchmaking for 150 years. According to the official TAG Heuer website that is, because there is some discussion around the ‘pioneering’ part. Their latest in-house manufactured caliber 1887 movement seems to be based on a Seiko movement. Nothing necessarily wrong with that,?Ǭ† however, TAG Heuer’s press release stated that this caliber 1887 is a ‘designed 100% in-house’ movement. Even according to TAG Heuer’s CEO J. Babin, it is clearly not designed in-house, as the CEO himself is posting messages on several TAG Heuer forums to give an explanation to all TAG Heuer fans. His post on WatchUseek starts like this: “Hi, I’m J.C. Babin the CEO of TAG Heuer, and YES, the new Caliber 1887 is based on a SII (Seiko Instruments Inc.) TC78 platform developped and patented in 1997 (filing) and eversince produced in very limited quantities, apparently for Junghans and Seiko watches in Japan.”

I would have guessed he just would have send another press release, fire the marketing dude who came up with the one-liner and get a communication/PR professional to fix things with the heated forum crowd. Perhaps they’ve already done that, or would it be a coincidence that TAG Heuer’s website is not available right now? (Service Unavailable error)

TAG Heuer’s Caliber 1887 movement

Kyle Stults of Perpetuelle did a very nice job on describing the whole matter in a blog post on his website. Click here for Kyle’s article, “TAG Heuer shoots itself in the foot on Tag Heuer Caliber 1887 launch”. Also check-out TAG Heuer devote website

  • lexcen

    I’ve followed this issue over the various watch blogs and no doubt this is a case of marketing strategy gone terribly wrong. TAG will emerge with their reputation intact.

  • Don’t miss also the article of E.Doerr that gives good perspectives about this story:

  • Marc

    Frankly I am very disappointed with tyhe finishing of my TAG HEUER Link Chronograph watch : the bezel is positioned at a crooked angle (the 12 Hrs mark doesnt match the 12 cypher above, nor the 6 one below). Futhermore the upper right hand “teeters” or to the left or to the right side of the 12 mark. My Antwerp dealer cannot remediate it at all (???). A pity, since the watch is very accurate and has quite a sentimental value (anniversary gift from my wife). O yeah, the crown also needed already a replacement, although I am extremely careful with all my watches. And now Seiko movements ? One more fine “Swiss” brand on a downward slope, apparently…

  • Interesting post RJ. Looks like someone from the design team didn’t prrof read the press release. I’d be firing him, not PR ! However, I don’t think of TAG as a ‘pioneering’ company anyway, more a fashion watch company. Don’t get me wrong, I like my TAGs. I have four, one is on my wrist most days and, as you know, I have plans to buy another one soon. But I buy them because they are inespensive (for a quality watch) and look nice, not because they are pioneering.

  • I am purchasing a Tag Heuer aqua racer watch for my wife , it’s a two tone band and bezel .. I’m getting a really good deal on it
    so I’m happy either way .. I wear a Rolex so I don’t really care !!