It has been a busy few months for Omega, introducing the Apollo 8, Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with a white dial, and the new Speedmaster 38 models. I expect to see some more Speedmaster releases in 2024, not least of all because it is a significant Apollo 11 anniversary. But we should also not forget about Apollo XIII. The mission, which took place in April 1970, was nearly fatal for NASA astronauts Swigert, Haise, and Lovell.

Fratello × REM Straps Apollo XIII on Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Fratello × REM Straps — Apollo XIII

While Snoopy might be the reminder to Speedmaster fans of that mission, it’s bigger than Charles M. Schulz’s comic character, of course. To spotlight the Apollo XIII mission, we decided, together with our collab partner REM Straps from Sweden, to come up with a strap highlighting the mission that took place from April 11th to April 17th, 1970. This strap will look fantastic on one of the three Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award editions that Omega released between 2003 and 2020 or the 1995 Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII limited edition. However, thanks to its black and gray colors, it will also look fantastic on the regular black- or white-dial Moonwatch.

Fratello × REM Straps Apollo XIII on Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Mission patch graphic

The graphic design is based on the official NASA Apollo XIII mission patch. It was designed by artist Lumen Martin Winter, who based it on a mural he had painted for the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. According to the NASA archives, it has the following meaning: “Apollo, the sun god of Greek mythology, was represented as the Sun, with three horses driving his chariot across the surface of the Moon, symbolizing how the Apollo flights have extended the light of knowledge to all mankind.

The Latin phrase “Ex Luna, Scientia” means “From the Moon, Knowledge” which is engraved on the short side of the strap. The long part shows the three horses across the Moon’s surface and the Sun above them. With this new Fratello × REM strap, you can make any Speedmaster (Professional) commemorating the Apollo XIII mission in style.

Fratello × REM Straps Apollo XIII on Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Black and gray

This time, we used a 20mm black organic leather strap with gray stitching and filled engraving. It will go perfectly with any of the aforementioned Speedmaster Professional models. In the pictures, you’ll see the strap on the standard Moonwatch with Hesalite crystal (reference 310. The strap is 2.5mm thick and measures 127mm (long end) and 74mm (short end). It tapers to 18mm wide at the steel pin buckle, which, as always, bears an engraved Fratello signature.

Generally, we can only source limited quantities of our Fratello × REM straps. That includes this new Apollo XIII model for April 2024. However, rest assured that we will keep restocking during the year. Click here for an overview of all of them and their availability.

The Apollo XIII strap is available now

REM Straps only uses organic Swedish leather. The entire production process also takes place in Sweden, including the stitching and laser engraving. This strap is available in our shop today for €107 (excluding VAT).

In addition, Fratello is offering free shipping for purchases over €150, so don’t miss out on our #SpeedyTuesday caps.