With several Fratello team members having already done cherry-picking, I knew that finding the best watches under €1,000 would be no mean feat. Still, I gave it a go and decided to go with funky stuff — lighthearted watches. I thought it was best to try to find some stuff that would look cool. I think I succeeded, although my selection is subject to personal taste. The fresh Studio Underd0g 02Series Field Pink Lem0nade and the stealthy Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide Camo are indeed choices based on the exterior qualities of those watches (although the Aikon #tide also is a promotor of sustainability). And while a white “Square” has been on my wish list for a little while, the Casio G-Shock DW-H5600-7 turned out not to be just a frosty choice but also a healthy one.

There is something about field watches that I like. But there’s also something I don’t like all that much. Some are just plain dull. The reason I like the Timor Heritage Field ATP is the creamy white dial instead of a much more common black one. It’s the lighter look that gives the watch more presence that I like. But the white-dial Timor pales in comparison to my first pick, the Studio Underd0g 02Series Field Pink Lem0nade.

The best watches under €1,000 — The fresh Studio Underd0g 02Series Field Pink Lem0nade

There’s no need to regurgitate the history of the field watch, right? I’m also not going to do a lengthy introduction of the Studio Underd0g 02Series Field Pink Lem0nade because you can read all the ins and outs right here. What I will say, though, is that the fresh and fruity “field watch” with its pink-to-yellow luminous gradient dial is something else. This dial was executed using a secret technique — the “bartenders” over at Studio Underdog are tight-lipped on the subject.


What we do know is that it utilizes a sandwich construction with a base dial featuring seven layers of custom-made Super-LumiNova pigment. On top of the base dial is a 1mm sapphire disc with the branding, minute track, and Arabic numerals printed on it. That disc is affixed to the other dial via two slotted-head pins. The result is a thick dial with plenty of depth and a very fresh color palette.

Best Watches under €1,000 Studio Underd0g 02Series Pink Lem0nade

The 37mm size of the watch is traditional, and the hand-wound Sellita SW210-1 also kind of is, but the rest is not. That’s why I picked this €850 watch with a cocktail-like dial with a fascinating floating effect that very dynamically changes color in different lighting conditions. I tried it on, loved it, and should have bought it, but I didn’t. The debut run then proceeded to sell out quite quickly. I still wanted to put the 02Series Field Pink Lem0nade on my list, though, to see if perhaps watch karma is in play.

best watches under €1,000 Casio G-Shock DW-H5600-7

The healthy Casio G-Shock DW-H5600-7

A snow-white “Square” has been on my wish list for a while, but I could never find “The One.” I do like the G-Shock G-Lide GWX-5600C-7JF White, but it’s very much a surfer’s watch, and I am no surfer. Other white examples never made the cut because of a battery instead of Tough Solar providing the power that the module needs. Then there was the unfortunate absence of Bluetooth. But a couple of days ago, G-Shock launched the DW-H5600-7. The model is not new, but the color is. And this €279 watch doesn’t just look good, but it will also make the wearer look good. Well, as long as he or she sticks with the watch’s program, that is.

This 60g watch, which measures 51.1mm long, 44.5mm wide, and 17.4mm thick, is a smart one. It’s a personal coach, if you will, that helps manage health by measuring heart rate and keeping track of daily steps and physical activity. And it also measures the blood’s oxygen levels to analyze the wearer’s sleeping pattern. This G-Shock’s functionalities support running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training. After reading the instructions carefully, selecting an activity with the touch of a button to track and display a variety of exercises should be a walk in the park.

Apart from its bright white looks, other nice features are the watch’s 200m water resistance rating, Super Illuminator LED light, and the life log that counts steps and measures calories burned. I could see myself wearing this on the bike too. It’s light enough. The only question is if the negative display will provide intuitive and quick readability while riding. Maybe I should first request a DW-H56000-7 for a hands-on test.

Best Watches under €1,000 Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide Camo

The stealthy Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide Camo

My choice of the €800 Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide Camo (AI2008-D33DZ-000-0) is based on two things. The first is experience. I own a way less stealthy Aikon #tide Benzilla, and that watch is fun to wear and very comfortable on the wrist. The angular Aikon, with its six-claw-design bezel and trendy looks, is a reinterpretation of the Calypso of the ’90s. But the 40 × 11mm case is made of 100% #tide ocean-bound upcycled plastic in bold colors, making the Aikon #tide a very contemporary creation that’s in touch with the times.

What I like about this plastic watch is that “ML” chose to use a sapphire crystal with a double anti-reflective coating over the green Jura-wave dial, a steel case back, and a screw-down crown. The watch is also water resistant to a depth of 100 meters. Furthermore, the rubber strap feels well made and features the Maurice Lacroix “m” logo and a simple but efficient pin buckle made from the same 100% #tide ocean-bound upcycled plastic.

My flashy Benzilla edition wants to be seen. The Aikon #tide Camo is a more introverted watch. Well, that’s only in theory because a watch with a camo pattern is hardly going to blend in on your wrist. But, in my opinion, this watch does look cool. The green case paired with a black bezel looks strong, sturdy, and utilitarian. The little orange detail on the central seconds hand is a neat, subtle touch in style with the camo theme. Is it a bit expensive for what it is? Yeah, I guess so, but what watch isn’t nowadays?

That’s my list of best watches under €1,000. It’s a short list and a fun list. And fun, however personal, just like watches, gets us through the day, right?