Just like last year (click here for the 2012 overview of most popular watch brands), Chronolytics published an overview of the Top 50 most popular watch brands. The overview is based on data of the biggest on-line watch market platform in the world (Chrono24), which receives approximately 50.000.000 page impressions each month. Chronolytics collects, analyses and reports this market data to the watch industry. These market studies includes trends amongst watch consumers, interest in brands and models, the effect of marketing campaigns, and so on.

The Top 50 most popular brands has been based on the most searched-for watches on Chrono24 by visitors from the USA as well as from Europe. It clearly shows a lot of similarities, but it also shows that there are some differences in the interest in certain brands.

The Top 50 overview has been based on all watches, including new, pre-owned and vintage.

Top 50 most popular watch brands

Chronolytics is a company founded by Robert-Jan Broer, Ebner Verlag (publisher of WatchTime, Chronos, Uhren Magazine) and Chrono24. We started this company on the 1st of March 2012 and provides consumer insights to watch manufacturers.

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