Yesterday, Chronolytics published an overview of the Top 50 most popular watch brands of 2012 in their monthly newsletter. The overview is based on data of the biggest on-line watch market platform in the world (Chrono24), which receives approximately 40 million page impressions each month. Chronolytics collects, analyzes and reports this market data to the watch industry. These market studies includes trends amongst watch consumers, interest in brands and models, the effect of marketing campaigns, and so on.

Click here for the Top 50 Most Popular Watch Brands Of 2013

The Top 50 most popular brands has been based on the most searched-for watches on Chrono24 by visitors from the USA as well as from Europe. It clearly shows a lot of similarities, but it also shows that there are some differences in the interest in certain brands. It is quite remarkable that small and relatively unknown brands as Sinn and NOMOS do quite well amongst US watch consumers.

The Top 50 overview has been based on all watches, including new, pre-owned and vintage.

Top 50 Most Popular Watch Brands Of 2012

Chronolytics is a company founded by Robert-Jan Broer, Ebner Verlag (publisher of WatchTime, Chronos, Uhren Magazine) and Chrono24. We started this company on the 1st of March 2012 and provides consumer insights to watch manufacturers.

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Click here for the Top 50 Most Popular Watch Brands Of 2013


    Would be more accurate to say most popular search of watches…. Just because someone searches Rolex because they are desperate to find a cheaper way to buy an over priced watch doesn’t make it popular….

    • I don’t know if it is a cheaper way, but it gives the visitor of Chrono24 who’s looking for a Rolex a pretty good idea of what’s out there (new, pre-owned and vintage), for what prices (as official Rolex website and dealers don’t show prices online) and where they are available. Whether Rolex is overpriced is a bit of an ‘opinion’, don’t you think?

      A bit more explanation:

      The data shown is measured based on the number of queries on Chrono24 by visitors from the USA and Europe. All the interest shown in particular models from brands (f.i. Rolex Submariner, OMEGA Seamaster) have been collected, structured and counted. Only the unique visits to watch advertisements on Chrono24 (for example:–id2189311.htm
      is an advertisement, not referring to banners of course) are being taken into account, to keep it representative (a visit to an
      advertisement by a unique visitor once every 30 minutes). Also, if someone searches ‘Rolex’ on Chrono24, is also not being counted.

      Visitors really have to show interest in a particular watch by clicking an advertisement. What’s left, is still many million visits. Chrono24 has so many visits, that calculations have been done to keep the interest in certain brands and watches representative for the market.

      Also, bots and site-scrapers have been filtered out as well. Business intelligence tools (like QlikView) have been used to process and report all data in a structured manner.

      Don’t hesitate to ask me any more questions.

  • Inacurate Article

    More like the most expensive watches, not popular. How many people are wearing michael kors? Or even g-shock?? Aren’t those watch brands

    • Inacurate Article We didn’t make up the data. However, it is true that we only focused on luxury watches. Otherwise Swatch and Casio (and the likes) would be definitely in there as well, however, these are watches in a different category. We should have stated that.

  • keerthiB

    @Inacurate Article I am sure G-SHOCkK is the most popular watch these days. GW2500B solar, radio time  watch for $160 cannot beat easily.

  • my 63f80 regulator limited edition

  • M

    Where’s Casio?!?!

  • I love this post and this list but I really do not agree with 5-10th place in Europe, but I do not know, if this is official stats maybe it is truth.