Introducing the TWCO Salvage Diver. After Sea Rescue a Salvage operation will automatically follow, two of a kind and they just belong together in a maritime search and rescue environment. And now . . . . . it’s time for SALVAGE!

The development & introduction of this Salvage Diver was only logical and a welcome addition to the current Sea Rescue diver range. Understated excellence is the name of the game for TWCO divers and the Salvage Diver is no exception to the rule! Same family, same breed but yet so different: the Salvage Diver design pays tribute to a classic diver and, at the same time, combines it with a stylish internal bezel and a glass ‘see-through’ case back. The Salvage Diver, a lasting design with a very pure TWCO aesthetic!



The Salvage Diver is a classic divers watch made from surgical 316L Stainless Steel. Sapphire crystal, double anti-reflective coating on the inside, high quality mechanical movement and overall finish to a high standard. Obviously water-resistant to 300m deep (30ATM), equipped with a very solid bi-directional ‘count-down’ internal bezel. The Salvage Diver is equipped with two crowns (the @2H is for setting the bezel) has a glass ‘see-through’ case back and comes in a brushed finish with some distinguishing high polished edges.


The Brand TWCO

It was only end of 2012 that TWCO Technical Watches introduced the first model of their Sea Rescue Diver range the ‘Orange’, several versions followed for completing this comprehensive line of divers, there is also a pilot model available.


TWCO, who’s behind?

Let me just give a brief introduction, it all started when a young (23) Dutch entrepreneur Robbert Suurland, owner, founder, designer and full blooded watch aficionado decided to combine his experience and passion and started his own company. ‘I want to create watches that people like, appreciate and want to own. It needs to be design that stands out, showing both refinement and quality, design that can stand the test of time! Adding typical technological design features into my watches that can help with that truly fascinates and inspires me’. Says Robbert Suurland owner/designer.