Welcome back to our Watch On Your Wrist? Instagram extravaganza! Tag your watch snaps with #fratellowatches to be in with a chance to win!

Every week, we select four images. You can vote in the article for your favorite image. The winner moves on to the semi-final round (held every fifth week between the previous four weekly winners). Win that and you’re into the final, which will be held at the end of the year. There will be five finalists in 2020 and ten from next year on.

Basically, if you like winning things — and there will be a prize for the champion of 2020 — this year represents your best shot. So get snapping, get tagging, and get sharing. And don’t forget to vote (once) for yourself… Obviously…



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@a_watchguys_life — Seiko SKX007

“I have a deep love for the SKX007. It’s by no means a rare watch. It’s not worth a lot of money. And to be honest, it’s not very accurate either. But it is a watch that evokes a lot of feelings and memories in a lot of people because it was their gateway drug into the world of watches. A true mechanical, good-looking, and rock-solid piece that you could buy even when you were young and broke. You can sense it on Instagram, where pictures of the SKX often spur long conversation threads. You can always strike up a conversation over the SKX, and since there are few things that I enjoy more than a good chat about watches, I wear my SKX often.”



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@thehoroguy — Audemars Piguet Royal Oak chronograph

“Amidst all the craziness that was Code 11:59 during SIHH 2019, the release of the 38mm RO Chronograph flew beneath the radar. I was thrilled with the release of a RO Chrono in 38mm with a panda dial and with blue accents to boot! It looks absolutely stunning in pictures and even more so in the metal. What really got me was the mesmerizing snailed blue counters, which contrast extremely well against the virginal silvery-white Grande Tapisserie dial.

“I was a little worried that 38mm might wear a little small on my wrist but that thought quickly dissipated the moment I put it on. I love how it wears on the wrist although 39mm might still be the ideal size for a RO as Genta intended. Well, will have to wait patiently until I receive a call for a 15202 but the 26315 and 15400 will keep me in a very good company until then…

“This shot combines my love of Horology with scale model cars. Parallel to watches, I am intrigued by the details it’s possible to include on such a small scale.”



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@horologyhomies — Omega Speedmaster 2998

“I was actually on a waiting list for a different watch that would mark the upcoming birth of my first son (he’s 4 now). But when I saw this watch, I had to get it, so this is the one that commemorates one of the best days of my life.

“The shot: I had just ordered rubber straps for the summer and I got one small enough to fit my wife’s wrist. She’s been in love with the watch and was happy to be able to share it with me now. This shot was taken outside while our son was blowing bubbles. I shot this through the bubble. For now, Mommy and Daddy are enjoying the watch he will have someday.”


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@goodoldtimeswatches — Patek Philippe Nautilus

“I took the shot at the local Italian restaurant that was just reopened after the long lockdown. The owners had to do a GoFundMe campaign to help them restart the business. I wanted to capture the moment and not to take anything for granted.

“In the photo, I was hoping to capture the relaxed Sunday afternoon feeling with a vintage touch. The rich espresso provided a good contrast to the silver-tone watch case. I was happy to be able to capture the beautiful blue dial. This watch is truly a timeless masterpiece.”

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