It’s been a long road to get to this point, but we are fast on the way to knowing the identity of our final finalist. With the last of five semi-finals in play, it’s time to announce the prizes in play before the final round goes live on December 7th.

Hi and hello watch fans! Last night, Balazs and I took to Instagram live to announce the prizes for our long-running Watch on your Wrist contest that has been a weekly fixture during the second half of 2020. We have four finalists confirmed. The fifth will soon be known. Head over to the live Semi-Final to cast your vote and propel one lucky reader into the Grand Finale.

What awaits them there are guaranteed prizes! Even fifth place will take home a couple of straps. If you’d like to watch the IG live, we’ve embedded it on our Instagram page and you can find it by clicking on the image below.

The final will consist of five contestants. All finalists will receive a prize bundle (detailed below). In addition to their bundles, the top three will all receive a watch. up for grabs is an Avi-8 Blakeslee Meca-quartz, a Laco Basic Pilot’s watch, and, quite astonishingly, a Certina DS PH200M dive watch (one of our favorite releases from 2020).

Once the votes are in and the results verified, we’ll hop on to IG live once more to announce it officially. Hopefully, the winner will be able to join us for a further IG live session to discuss the story behind the winning image and their watch collection.

Here’s a run-down of the goodies…

Fifth place

  • Time Team Roma Rubber tropic
  • AVI-8 strap

Fourth place

  • Tissot bag
  • Union Glashütte bracelet
  • Time Team Roma Rubber tropic
  • AVI-8 strap

Third Place

  • Avi-8 Blakeslee meca-quartz chronograph
  • Union Glashütte bracelet
  • Time Team Roma Vintage side stitch
  • AVI-8 strap

Model for illustration purposes only. Exact reference to be confirmed.

Second place

  • Laco Basic Flieger
  • Tissot Jacket
  • Time Team Roma Vintage
  • AVI-8 strap

Certina DS PH200M Blue

First place

  • Certina DS PH200M
  • Leather Omega Wallet
  • Time Team Roma Caimano
  • AVI-8 strap

Swatch Group goodies (Tissot bag and jacket, Omega wallet, Union Glashütte bracelet and the 1st prize, the new Certina DS PH200M Blue)