Love watches? Consider yourself a watchnerd all the way? Then, the guys over at Ace Jewelers have something for you to show the world you are a true #watchnerd. These caps, produced by the Danish State of Wow brand, have #watchnerd on the front and ‘I like to watch’ on the back.

The hashtag watchnerd is a popular tag on Instagram, over half a million(!) images are marked #watchnerd. Another often used hashtag with similar meaning is #watchgeek, which ‘only’ has 445,059 images on Instagram at this moment. watchnerdAn example can be found below, of instagram user @orangedial17 and a picture of this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph with salmon dial that he tagged with #watchnerd (among a few other hashtags).


These black #watchnerd baseball caps have a snapback to adjust the size so it will fit most watchnerds. You can order your #watchnerd cap via the Ace Jewelers e-boutique. You can also gift the cap to someone you know who’s a watchnerd of course.

Only 144 of these caps have been produced, so act quick if you want to wear one this summer.watchnerdWear it with pride!